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2012Ports and climate change: building skills in climate change adaptation, AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Miller, A.
2020Possible economic impacts of falling oil prices, the pandemic, and the looming global recession onto overseas Filipinos and their remittancesAng, A.; Opiniano, J.
2018Post little ice age drying of eastern Australia conflates understanding of early settlement impactsTibby, J.; Tyler, J.; Barr, C.
2012(Post) Modern times: transcultural exchange and the circumstances of postgraduate social science researchMcCarthy, G.
2017Post-disaster resettlement and livelihood vulnerability in rural ChinaChen, Y.; Tan, Y.; Luo, Y.
2014Post-disaster resettlement programs in mountainous rural areas: problems and suggestions.Chen, Y.; Tan, Y.
2007The potential of Hellenic-Australian diaspora entrepreneurial networksHugo, G.; Bakalis, S.; Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies (7th : 2007 : Adelaide, Australia)
2011Precarious housing and health inequalities: what are the links?: summary reportMallett, S.; Bentley, R.; Baker, E.; Mason, K.; Keys, D.; Kolar, V.; Krnjacki, L.
2001Preliminary investigation of indigenous campsites in late Quaternary dunes, Port Augusta, South AustraliaWalshe, K.; Prescott, J.; Williams, F.; Williams, M.
2011Preparing for resettlement associated with climate changeSherbinin, A.; Castro, M.; Gemenne, F.; Cernea, M.; Adamo, S.; Fearnside, P.; Krieger, G.; Oliver-Smith, A.; Scudder, T.; Singer, B.; Pankhurst, A.; Tan, Y.; Wannier, G.; Boncour, P.; Hugo, G.; Ehrhart, C.; Shi, G.; Pandey, B.
2003Prevalence of asthma and asthma action plans in South Australia: population surveys from 1990 to 2001Wilson, D.; Adams, R.; Appleton, S.; Hugo, G.; Wilkinson, D.; Hiller, J.; Ryan, P.; Cheek, J.; Ruffin, R.
2011Prioritizing engagement for sustainable adaptation to climate change: An example from natural resource management in South AustraliaBardsley, D.; Rogers, G.
2000Problems and solutions in the measurement of migration intensities: Australia and Britain comparedRees, Phil H.; Bell, Martin J.; Duke-Williams, Oliver; Blake, Marcus D.
2004Progress and prospects of community forestry in developing and developed countriesHarrison, S.; Suh, J.
2008Projected future trends of hospital service use for selected obesity-related conditionsAdams, R.; Tucker, G.; Hugo, G.; Hill, C.; Wilson, D.
2007Promoting smallholder forestry as a poverty alleviation measure in the Philippines: A study focused on Leyte ProvinceEmtage, N.; Suh, J.; Cedamon, E.; Harrison, S.; Herbohn, J.
2000Providing information to outgoing Indonesian migrant workersHugo, G.; Bohning, W.
2006Public interest or private agenda? A meditation on the role of NGOs in environmental policy and management in AustraliaLane, Marcus B.; Morrison, T. H.
1996Public Involvement in EIA: The Hindmarsh Island Bridge ProjectHarvey, N.
2019Public open space exposure measures in Australian health research: a critical review of the literatureLamb, K.; Mavoa, S.; Coffee, N.; Parker, K.; Richardson, E.; Thornton, L.