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2005Second-class citizens?: Poverty and mobility mark the neglected eastHugo, G.
2007Sediment mixing at Nonda Rock: investigations of stratigraphic integrity at an early archaeological site in northern Australia and implications for the human colonisation of the continentDavid, B.; Roberts, R.; Magee, J.; Mialanes, J.; Turney, C.; Bird, M.; White, C.; Fifield, L.; Tibby, J.
2006Sending money home to AsiaHugo, Graeme John
2006Serve, subvert or emancipate? Promoting mental health in Australian immigration detentionMcLoughlin, P.
2012Shaping the rural-urban symbiosis: density, dispersal, remoteness, and town size in south-east AustraliaGriffin, T.; Smailes, P.; Argent, N.
1995Shoalwater Bay - a win for the environment movement?Simpson, Adam
2014The short history of research in a marine climate change hotspot: from anecdote to adaptation in south-east AustraliaFrusher, S.; Hobday, A.; Jennings, S.; Creighton, C.; D'Silva, D.; Haward, M.; Holbrook, N.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Pecl, G.; van Putten, E.
2008Shutting down choice? Freeways, Corridors and the politics of micro-spacesBonham, J.
1996The Significance of Coastal Processes for Management of the River Murray EstuaryHarvey, N.
2010A similar to 200 ka record of climatic change and dune activity in the Thar Desert, IndiaSinghvi, A.; Williams, M.; Rajaguru, S.; Misra, V.; Chawla, S.; Stokes, S.; Chauhan, N.; Francis, T.; Ganjoo, R.; Humphreys, G.
2011Skilled Migration from Europe to AustraliaKhoo, S.; Hugo, G.; McDonald, P.
2009Skilled temporary migration from Asia-Pacific countries to AustraliaKhoo, S.; McDonald, P.; Hugo, G.
2016Smart cities wouldn’t let housing costs drive the worse-off into deeper disadvantageBaker, E.L.; Beer, A.; Bentley, R.
1995Social Aspects of Forestry in Southeast Asia : A Review of Postwar Trends in the scholarly literaturePeluso, N. L.; Vandergeest, P.; Potter, Lesley Marianne
2001Social Assessment in Natural Resource Management InstitutionsDale, Allan P.; Taylor, N.; Lane, Marcus B.
2001Social Assessment in Natural Resource Management: Promise Potentiality and PracticeLane, Marcus B.; Dale, Allan P.; Taylor, N.
2011Social Contexts and Customary Fisheries: Marine Protected Areas and Indigenous Use, AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.
2012Social inclusion and multiculturalism: The impact of international migrationHugo, G.; Njuki, P.; Vas Dev, S.
1996Social perspectivesBell, Martin J.
2015Social-ecological vulnerability to climate change in the Nepali HimalayaPandey, R.; Bardsley, D.