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1995Dalhousie Springs: A unique wetlandNoack, D. H.
1996Dalhousie Springs: changes and challenges in this "desolate locality"Noack, D. H.
2004Dam disputes in Australia and India: Appreciating differences in struggles for sustainable developmentDoyle, T.
2002Dealing with HIV / AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa: Benefits and challenges of a spatial approach in CameroonLukong, P. F.; Institution of Surveyors Conference (2002 : Adelaide, S.A.); Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association Conference (2002 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2004Decentralisation and environmental management in Australia: a comment on the prescriptions of The Wentworth GroupLane, Marcus B.; McDonald, G. T.; Morrison, T. H.
2003Decentralization or privatization of environmental governance? Forest conflict and bioregional assessment in AustraliaLane, Marcus B.
2000Declining fertility and policy intervention in Europe: Some lessons for Australia?Hugo, G.
2006Defining Australia's national population in the era of globalisationHugo, G.
2001Defining social catchments in non-metroplitan AustraliaHugo, Graeme John; Smailes, Peter John; Macgregor, Colin; Fenton, Mark; Brunckhorst, David
2012Defining spaces of resilience within the neoliberal paradigm: could French land use classifications guide support for risk management within an Australian regional context?Bardsley, D.; Pech, P.
2000Demographic and social patternsHugo, G.
2003Demographic change and implicationsHugo, G.
2008Demographic change and international labour mobility in Asia-Pacific - Implications for business and regional economic integration: synthesisHugo, G.
2008Demographic change and international labour mobility in Australasia - Issues, policies and implications for cooperationHugo, G.; Callister, P.; Badkar, J.
2000Demographic Change in Families in South AustraliaHugo, G.
2014Demographic change, differential ageing, and public policy in rural and regional Australia: a three-state case studySmailes, P.; Griffin, T.; Argent, N.
2012The demographic dilemmaHugo, G.
2009Demographic effects on the future supply of vocational skillsTan, Y.; Richardson, S.
2011Demographic impacts of the Three Gorges DamTan, Y.; Hugo, G.
1996Demographic response to restructuring and counterurbanisation in South Australia, 1981-1991Smailes, P.