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2011Gate-keeping and the impact of administrative processes in shaping access to housing assistanceBeer, A.; Baker, E.; Wood, G.; Raftery, P.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (5th : 2010 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2015Gender and cycling: Gendering cycling subjects and forming bikes, practices and spaces as gendered objectsBonham, J.; Bacchi, C.; Wanner, T.
1995Gender and environment: Some preliminary questions about women and water in the South Australian contextStratford, E.
1996A gender inclusive curriculum model for environmental studiesWhitehouse, H. L.W.; Taylor, S. G.
2014Gender, governance and climate change adaptationNursey-Bray, M.
2010Gendered journeys, mobile emotions: edited by Gale Letherby and Gillian Reynolds. Ashgate Publishing ( 2009, xxi + 214 pp (figures, index)Bonham, J.
2019Gendered perception and vulnerability to climate change in urban slum communities in Accra, GhanaOwusu, M.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Rudd, D.
2014Generalizing the use of geographical weights in biodiversity modellingMellin, C.; Mengersen, K.; Bradshaw, C.; Caley, M.
2016Generating narratives on future risk to inform regional climate change adaptation planningBardsley, D.; Wiseman, N.; Hugo, G.
2018Generational differences in translocal practices: insights from rural-urban remittances in VanuatuPetrou, K.
2007Generational reform: the health implications of housing changeBaker, E.; European Network of Housing Research Conference (2007 : Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
1997A Generic Method for Identifying Regional Koala Habitat using GISBryan, Brett Anthony
2004Geochemical analysis of organic-rich lacustrine sediments as a tool for reconstructing holocene environmental conditions along the Coorong coastal plain, southeastern AustraliaMee, A.; McKirdy, D.; Krull, E.; Williams, M.; Regolith Conference (2004 : Adelaide, Perth, Canberra)
1996Geographic field data collection: using machine learning techniques to verify minimum requirements for the classification taskKirkby, Stephen Denis; Eklund, P. W.
2003Geographic information systemsHugo, G.
2004Geography and environmental studies at the University of Adelaide since 1990Hugo, G.
2002Geography and environmental studies in Australia: Symbiosis for survival in the 21st century?Harvey, N.; Forster, C.; Bourman, R.
2011Geography and population in Australia: A historical perspectiveHugo, G.
2004Geography at the University of Adelaide, 1960-1991Smailes, P.; Griffin, T.
2004Geography in South Australian universities: future prospectsHarvey, N.; Forster, C.