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2008A Tale of Two Regions: Comparative Versus Competitive Approaches to Economic RestructuringBeer, A.; Thomas, H.; Bailey, D.
2005Tareena Billabong - a palaeolimnological history of an ever-changing wetland, Chowilla Floodplain, lower Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, P.; Bulpin, S.; Wallbrink, P.; Hancock, G.; Bickford, S.
2006Temporary migration and the labour market in AustraliaHugo, G.
2004Temporary migration: a new paradigm of international migrationHugo, Graeme John
2005Temporary skilled migrants in Australia: employment circumstances and migration outcomesKhoo, Siew-Ean; McDonald, Peter; Hugo, Graeme John
2007Temporary skilled migration to Australia: Employers' perspectivesKhoo, S.; Voigt-Graf, C.; McDonald, P.; Hugo, G.
2003Temporary skilled migration to Australia: the 457 visa sub-classKhoo, S.; Voigt-Graf, C.; Hugo, G.; McDonald, P.
2013Ten commonly held misconceptions on climate change and migrationHugo, G.; Global Change and Resilience Conference (3rd : 2013 : Brno, Czech Republic)
2004Tensional fissures and crustal extension rates in the northern part of the Main Ethiopian RiftWilliams, F.; Williams, M.; Aumento, F.
1996Theories of international migration: a review and appraisalHugo, G.; Massey, D.; Pellegrino, A.; Arango, J.; Taylor, J.; Kouaouci, A.
2014Theory and reality of integrated rice-duck farming in Asian developing countries: a systematic review and SWOT analysisSuh, J.
2006There's a change on the way - an initial integrated assessment of projected climate change impacts and adaptation options for natural resource management in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges RegionBardsley, D.; Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation, South Australian Government
2011Three Gorges Project: effects of resettlement on nutrient balance of the agroecosystems in the reservoir areaXu, X.; Tan, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, H.
2006Three Gorges Project: Effects of Resettlement on the Environment in the Reservoir Area and CountermeasuresTan, Y.; Yao, F.
2002Three-dimensional neurointerpolation of annual mean precipitation and temperature surfaces for ChinaBryan, Brett Anthony; Adams, Jonathan Miles
2004Timber marketing in a revitalised north Queensland forest industry: overview of major issuesHarrison, S.; Herbohn, J.; Killin, D.; Suh, J.; Smorfitt, D.
2013Time trends in socio-economic inequalities for women and men with disabilities in Australia: evidence of persisting inequalitiesKavanagh, A.; Krnjacki, L.; Beer, A.; LaMontagne, A.; Bentley, R.
2017Too much, too young? Teachers' opinions of risk education in secondary school geographyBardsley, D.
2015Tourist opinions on animal culling: a South Australian exampleMoskwa, E.
2003Toward a new conceptualization of settlements for demographyHugo, G.; Champion, A.; Lattes, A.