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2006Valuing diversity for sustainable futures: A response to Wood and LennéBardsley, D.
2005Valuing local wheat landraces for agrobiodiversity conservation in Northeast TurkeyBardsley, D.; Thomas, I.
2005Variations in socioeconomic characteristics, farming assets and livelihood systems of Leyte rural householdsEmtage, N.; Suh, J.
1996VegetationGell, P.; Bickford, S.
2012Vegetation and water quality responses to Holocene climate variability in Lake Purrumbete, western VictoriaTibby, J.; Penny, D.; Leahy, P.; Kershaw, A.
2013Virtual social spaces in rural places: linking older people to community through new technologiesFeist, H.; McDougall, K.; The Gerontological Society of America 66th Annual Scientific Meeting (20 Nov 2013 - 24 Nov 2013 : New Orleans, LA)
2006Visitor attitudes to a proposed hoop pine plantation establishment on the Southern Atherton tablelandsSuh, J.; Lwanga, R.; Harrison, S.; Herbohn, J.; Sustainable Forest Industry Development inTropical North Queensland Workshop (28 Apr 2004 : Cairns, QLD, Australia)
2011Visitors' attitudes towards and willingness-to-pay for hypothetical hoop pine plantations on the pastoral southern Atherton Tablelands, AustraliaSuh, J.; Lwanga, R.; Harrison, S.; Herbohn, J.
2009Visitors’ attitudes towards hypothetical hoop pine plantations on the pastoral southern Atherton Tablelands, AustraliaSuh, J.; Lwanga, R.; Harrison, S.; Herbohn, J.
2016Visualising 30 years of population density change in Australia’s major capital citiesCoffee, N.; Lange, J.; Baker, E.
2013Vulnerabilities and adaptation of ports to climate changeNursey-Bray, M.; Blackwell, B.; Brooks, B.; Campbell, M.; Goldsworthy, L.; Pateman, H.; Rodrigues, I.; Roome, M.; Wright, J.; Francis, J.; Hewitt, C.
2015Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change on the South Australian coast: a coastal community perspectiveButton, C.; Harvey, N.
2007Vulnerability of geomorphological features in the Great Barrier Reef to climate changeSmithers, S.; Harvey, N.; Hopley, D.; Woodroffe, C.
2006Vulnerability to climate change of Australia’s coastal zone: Analysis of gaps in methods, data and system thresholdsVoice, M.; Harvey, Nicholas; Walsh, Kevin
2014Wages and employment status of China's migrant workersGuo, F.; Cheng, Z.; Hugo, G.; Gao, W.
2008Walk the talk : strengthening indigenous participation in the management of Australia’s oceansNursey-Bray, M.; Palmer, R.
2007Walkability of local communities: Using geographic information systems to objectively assess relevant environmental attributesLeslie, E.; Coffee, N.; Frank, L.; Owen, N.; Bauman, A.; Hugo, G.
2010Water and populationHugo, G.
2007Water quality history of Murrumbidgee River floodplain wetlandsGell, Peter Andrew; Little, F. A.
2013Welcome to our world? Immigration and the reshaping of New ZealandHugo, G.