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2015Regime shifts, thresholds and multiple stable states in freshwater ecosystems; a critical appraisal of the evidenceCapon, S.; Lynch, A.; Bond, N.; Chessman, B.; Davis, J.; Davidson, N.; Finlayson, M.; Gell, P.; Hohnberg, D.; Humphrey, C.; Kingsford, R.; Nielsen, D.; Thomson, J.; Ward, K.; Nally, R.
2014Hydrological change in the Coorong estuary, Australia, past and present: evidence from fossil invertebrate and algal assemblagesReeves, J.; Haynes, D.; García, A.; Gell, P.
2007A diatom species index for bioassessment of Australian riversChessman, B.; Bate, N.; Gell, P.; Newall, P.
2002Diatoms as biomonitors in two temporary streams affected by acid drainage from disused minesFerris, J.; Vyverman, W.; Gell, P.; Brown, P.
2006Ozpacs: Recent impacts on Australian ecosystems, Australian National University, Canberra, 20–21 April 2006Gell, P.; Mooney, S.; Bickford, S.; Denham, T.
2000The Holocene: An environmental history.Gell, P.
2014Morphology, ecology and biogeography of Stauroneis pachycephala P.T. Cleve (Bacillariophyta) and its transfer to the genus EnvekadeaAtazadeh, I.; Edlund, M.; Van der Vijver, B.; Mills, K.; Spaulding, S.; Gell, P.; Crawford, S.; Barton, A.; Lee, S.; Smith, K.; Newall, P.; Potapova, M.
2008Wetland and terrestrial vegetation change since European settlement on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South AustraliaBickford, S.; Gell, P.; Hancock, G.
2008Distribution of modern diatom assemblages among small playasBoggs, D.; Gell, P.; Eliot, I.; Knott, B.
2002Seasonal and interannual variations in diatom assemblages in Murray River connected wetlands in north-west Victoria, AustraliaGell, P.; Sluiter, I.; Fluin, J.