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2013Community based adaptation to climate change: The Arabana, South AustraliaNursey-Bray, M.; Fergie, D.; Arbon, V.; Rigney, L.; Palmer, R.; Tibby, J.; Harvey, N.; Hackworth, L.; National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
2007Climate-water quality relationships in three Western Victorian (Australia) lakes 1984-2000Tibby, J.; Tiller, D.
2012Vegetation and water quality responses to Holocene climate variability in Lake Purrumbete, western VictoriaTibby, J.; Penny, D.; Leahy, P.; Kershaw, A.
2004The last million years around Lake Keilambete Western Victoria AustraliaKershaw, A.; D'Costa, D.; Tibby, J.; Wagstaff, B.; Heijnis, H.
2002Long-term perspectives on human impacts on floodplain-river ecosystems, Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaReid, M.; Fluin, J.; Ogden, R.; Tibby, J.; Kershaw, A.
2000An Illustrated Guide to Common Stream Diatom Species from Temperate AustraliaSonneman, J.; Sincock, A.; Fluin, J.; Reid, M.; Newall, P.; Tibby, J.; Gell, P.
2006Environmental change and variability in South-Western Victoria: changing constraints and opportunities for occupation and land useTibby, J.; Kershaw, A.; Builth, H.; Philibert, A.; White, C.
2001Diatoms as indicators of sedimentary processes in Burrinjuck reservoir New South Wales AustraliaTibby, J.
2010A Pleistocene diatomite from the western piedmont of Jebel Marra volcano, Darfur, western Sudan, and its hydrological and climatic significancePhilibert, A.; Tibby, J.; Williams, M.
2005A long term lake-salinity record and its relationships to Daphnia populationsBarry, M.; Tibby, J.; Tsitsilas, A.; Mason, B.; Kershaw, A.; Heijnis, H.