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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Exploring discourses in environmental decision making: An Indigenous hunting case studyNursey-Bray, M.; Marsh, H.; Ross, H.
2010The drivers of supply and demand in Australia's rural and regional centresTually, S.; Beer, A.; Rowley, S.; McKenzie, F.; Birdsall-Jones, C.
2010Migration and climate change: examining thresholds of change to guide effective adaptation decision-makingBardsley, D.; Hugo, G.
2010A similar to 200 ka record of climatic change and dune activity in the Thar Desert, IndiaSinghvi, A.; Williams, M.; Rajaguru, S.; Misra, V.; Chawla, S.; Stokes, S.; Chauhan, N.; Francis, T.; Ganjoo, R.; Humphreys, G.
2010New technologies: Their potential role in linking rural older people to communityFeist, H.; McDougall, K.; Howard, N.; Hugo, G.
2010River response to climate change in the tropics: a three hundred thousand year history of the NileWilliams, M.
2010Catchments and waterwaysBourman, R.; Harvey, N.; Bryars, S.
2010A Pleistocene diatomite from the western piedmont of Jebel Marra volcano, Darfur, western Sudan, and its hydrological and climatic significancePhilibert, A.; Tibby, J.; Williams, M.
2010Guiding climate change adaptation within vulnerable natural resource management systemsBardsley, D.; Sweeney, S.
2010Research to support sustainable alternatives to the productivist paradigm in an era of climatic riskBardsley, D.; Symposium Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food (2010 : Montpellier, France)