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2011Adaptation to climate change in Bangladesh: with particular reference to the extreme flood events and farmers’ crop adaptationYounus, M.
2011Three Gorges Project: effects of resettlement on nutrient balance of the agroecosystems in the reservoir areaXu, X.; Tan, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, H.
2011Demographic impacts of the Three Gorges DamTan, Y.; Hugo, G.
2011More Than a Marriage of Convenience: The Convergence of Management and Indigenous Educational PracticeNursey-Bray, M.; Haugstetter, H.
2011Visitors' attitudes towards and willingness-to-pay for hypothetical hoop pine plantations on the pastoral southern Atherton Tablelands, AustraliaSuh, J.; Lwanga, R.; Harrison, S.; Herbohn, J.
2011Autonomous adaptation to extreme floods in Bangladesh as a case: can adaptation in south Asia cope with extreme hydrological profile of the GBM River basin?Younus, M.; Harvey, N.
2011A wetter climate in the desert of northern Sudan 9900-7600 years agoWilliams, M.; Jacobsen, G.
2011Migration and urbanisation in West Africa and the Western Pacific: reflections on a legacy, 1960-2010Bedford, R.; Hugo, G.; Didham, R.
2011Evidence on the relationship between unaffordable housing and poor healthBaker, E.; Mason, K.; Bentley, R.; Mallett, S.; State of Australian Cities National Conference (5th : 2011 : Melbourne)
2011Gate-keeping and the impact of administrative processes in shaping access to housing assistanceBeer, A.; Baker, E.; Wood, G.; Raftery, P.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (5th : 2010 : Auckland, New Zealand)