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2014Changing patterns and determinants of natural capital in the Yangtze River Delta of China 2000-2010Xu, X.; Tan, Y.; Chen, S.; Yang, G.
2014Generalizing the use of geographical weights in biodiversity modellingMellin, C.; Mengersen, K.; Bradshaw, C.; Caley, M.
2014Microbiotic signatures of the Anthropocene in marginal marine and freshwater palaeoenvironmentsWilkinson, I.; Poirier, C.; Head, M.; Sayer, C.; Tibby, J.
2014Climate variability in south-eastern Australia over the last 1500 years inferred from the high-resolution diatom records of two crater lakesBarr, C.; Tibby, J.; Gell, P.; Tyler, J.; Zawadzki, A.; Jacobsen, G.
2014The short history of research in a marine climate change hotspot: from anecdote to adaptation in south-east AustraliaFrusher, S.; Hobday, A.; Jennings, S.; Creighton, C.; D'Silva, D.; Haward, M.; Holbrook, N.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Pecl, G.; van Putten, E.
2014Organising for socio-ecological resilience: the roles of the mountain farmer cooperative Genossenschaft Gran Alpin in Graub√ľnden, SwitzerlandBardsley, D.; Bardsley, A.
2014A White Nile megalake during the last interglacial periodBarrows, T.; Williams, M.; Mills, S.; Duller, G.; Fifield, L.; Haberlah, D.; Tims, S.; Williams, F.
2014Theory and reality of integrated rice-duck farming in Asian developing countries: a systematic review and SWOT analysisSuh, J.
2014Towards sustainable agricultural stewardship: evolution and future directions of the permaculture conceptSuh, J.
2014The importance of farmer education in South AustraliaFielke, S.; Bardsley, D.