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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Asian Food in Transition: Priority Research for Food Security and Sustainable Futures in Australia, China and the Asia-Pacific Region.Findlay, C.; Umberger, W.; Bardsley, D.; Tan, Y.; Watson, A.; Commonwealth of Australia
2017The roles of agricultural biodiversity in the McLaren Vale landscapeBardsley, D.; Palazzo, E.; Wiseman, N.; Stringer, R.; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Government of South Australia
2015Message in a bottle: the wine industry gives farmers a taste of what to expect from climate changeBardsley, D.
2012Defining spaces of resilience within the neoliberal paradigm: could French land use classifications guide support for risk management within an Australian regional context?Bardsley, D.; Pech, P.
2013Socio-ecological adaptation to climate change: A comparative case study from the Mediterranean wine industry in France and AustraliaLereboullet, A.; Beltrando, G.; Bardsley, D.
2013South Australian farmers' markets: tools for enhancing the multifunctionality of Australian agricultureFielke, S.; Bardsley, D.
2015A brief political history of South Australian agricultureFielke, S.; Bardsley, D.
2018Climate change, bushfire risk, and environmental values: examining a potential risk perception threshold in peri-urban South AustraliaBardsley, D.; Moskwa, E.; Weber, D.; Robinson, G.; Waschl, N.; Bardsley, A.
2015Wildfire risk, biodiversity and peri-urban planning in the Mt Lofty Ranges, South AustraliaBardsley, D.; Weber, D.; Robinson, G.; Moskwa, E.; Bardsley, A.
2014Organising for socio-ecological resilience: the roles of the mountain farmer cooperative Genossenschaft Gran Alpin in Graub√ľnden, SwitzerlandBardsley, D.; Bardsley, A.