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2020A Comprehensive Insight Towards Pharmaceutical Aspects of Graphene NanosheetsEmadi, F.; Emadi, A.; Gholami, A.
2020CDK12: a potential therapeutic target in cancerEmadi, F.; Teo, T.; Rahaman, M.H.; Wang, S.
2020Cost-utility analysis of factor VIII diet therapies prepared using blood plasma vs. recombinant technique for patients with hemophilia ALotfi, F.; Talebianpour, H.; Keshavarz, K.; Emadi, F.; Bordbar, M.R.; Bastani, P.
2020Functionalization of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Can Reduce Their Cytotoxicity to Dental Pulp Stem CellsGholami, A.; Emadi, F.; Amini, A.; Shokripour, M.; Chashmpoosh, M.; Omidifar, N.
2020The Requirements of Developing Countries' Health Systems Facing with COVID-19: A Case Study of IranGhanbarzadegan, A.; Bastani, P.; Emadi, F.; Mohammmadpour, M.; Pourmohammadi, K.; Javanmardi, S.; World Congress on Public Health (12 Oct 2020 - 17 Oct 2020 : virtual online)
2020Expression of key apoptotic genes in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line treated with etoposide-loaded graphene oxideGholami, A.; Emadi, F.; Nazem, M.; Aghayi, R.; Khalvati, B.; Amini, A.; Ghasemi, Y.
2019Current approach to the diagnosis of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease: more questions than answersNelson, A.J.; Ardissino, M.; Psaltis, P.J.
2019Buprenorphine maintenance subjects are hyperalgesic and have no antinociceptive response to a very high morphine doseAthanasos, P.; Ling, W.; Bochner, F.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.
2019Relationship between allograft cyclosporin concentrations and P-glycoprotein expression in the 1st month following renal transplantationSallustio, B.C.; Noll, B.D.; Coller, J.K.; Tuke, J.; Russ, G.; Somogyi, A.A.
2019Evaluation of the ResistancePlus GC (beta) assay: a commercial diagnostic test for the direct detection of ciprofloxacin susceptibility or resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeaeEbeyan, S.; Windsor, M.; Bordin, A.; Mhango, L.; Erskine, S.; Trembizki, E.; Mokany, E.; Tan, L.Y.; Whiley, D.; Guy, R.; Guy, R.; Wand, H.; Donovan, B.; Bell, S.; Kaldor, J.; Kong, M.; Conway, D.; Lafferty, L.; Ward, J.; Lahra, M.; et al.
2019Direct comparison of standard transmission electron microscopy and cryogenic-TEM in imaging nanocrystals inside liposomesLi, T.; Nowell, C.J.; Cipolla, D.; Rades, T.; Boyd, B.J.
2019Opioids and matrix metalloproteinases: the influence of morphine on MMP-9 production and cancer progressionKhabbazi, S.; Hassanshahi, M.; Hassanshahi, A.; Peymanfar, Y.; Su, Y.W.; Xian, C.J.
2019Use of medicines that may exacerbate heart failure in older adults: therapeutic complexity of multimorbidityCaughey, G.E.; Shakib, S.; Barratt, J.D.; Roughead, E.E.
2019Relaxin reduces endothelium-derived vasoconstriction in hypertension: revealing new therapeutic insightsLeo, C.H.; Ng, H.H.; Marshall, S.A.; Jelinic, M.; Rupasinghe, T.; Qin, C.; Roessner, U.; Ritchie, R.H.; Tare, M.; Parry, L.J.
2019Biomimetic synthetic studies on meroterpenoids from the marine sponge Aka coralliphaga: divergent total syntheses of siphonodictyal B, liphagal and corallidictyals A–DKuan, K.K.; Markwell-Heys, A.; Cruickshank, M.C.; Tran, D.P.; Adlington, R.; Baldwin, J.; George, J.
2019Recent developments in relaxin mimetics as therapeutics for cardiovascular diseasesLeo, C.H.; Jelinic, M.; Ng, H.H.; Parry, L.J.; Tare, M.
2019Hedgehog and Wingless signaling are not essential for autophagy-dependent cell deathXu, T.; Denton, D.; Kumar, S.
2018Pharmacological and toxicological activity of RSD921, a novel sodium channel blockerWalker, M.; Hayes, E.; Saint, D.; Adaikan, G.; Abraham, S.; Goldin, A.; Beatch, G.; MacLeod, B.; Wall, R.; Pugsley, M.
2018Characterization of isolated liver sinusoidal endothelial cells for liver bioengineeringDingle, A.; Yap, K.; Gerrand, Y.; Taylor, C.; Keramidaris, E.; Lokmic, Z.; Kong, A.; Peters, H.; Morrison, W.; Mitchell, G.
2018Pharmacogenetic decision support tools: a new paradigm for late-life depression?Abbott, R.; Chang, D.; Eyre, H.; Bousman, C.; Merrill, D.; Lavretsky, H.