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20113,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) induced hyperthermia - the role of pro-inflammatory cytokinesSalem, A.; Gordon, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Irvine, R.
20145-HT₁B receptor modulation of the serotonin transporter in vivo: studies using KO miceMontanez, S.; Munn, J.; Owens, W.; Horton, R.; Daws, L.
20205-hydroxymethyl-furfural and structurally related compounds block the ion conductance in human aquaporin-1 channels, and slow cancer cell migration and invasionChow, P.H.; Kourghi, M.; Pei, J.V.; Nourmohammadi, S.; Yool, A.J.
19985-hydroxytryptamine-induced contraction of the marmoset aorta is mediated by a 5-HT-1 like receptor.Dyer, S.; de la Lande, I.; Frewin, D.; Head, R.
2006A Bayesian approach for population pharmacokinetic modelling of sirolimusDansirikul, C.; Morris, R.; Tett, S.; Duffull, S.
2017A brief pictorial and historical introduction to guaiacum – from a putative cure for syphilis to an actual screening method for colorectal cancerEppenberger, P.; Galassi, F.; Rühli, F.
2013A case study of real-time monitoring of solid-state phase transformations in acoustically levitated particles using near infrared and Raman spectroscopyRehder, S.; Wu, J.; Laackmann, J.; Moritz, H.-U.; Rantanen, J.; Rades, T.; Leopold, C.
2002A comparison of antagonist-precipitated withdrawal under anesthesia to standard inpatient withdrawal as a precursor to maintenance naltrexone treatment in heroin users: outcomes at 6 and 12 monthsMcGregor, C.; Ali, R.; White, J.; Thomas, P.; Gowing, L.
2003A comparison of folic acid and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate for prevention of DNA damage and cell death in human lymphocytes in vitroWang, X.; Fenech, M.
2006A comparison of folic acid deficiency-induced genomic instability in lymphocytes of breast cancer patients and normal non-cancer controls from a Chinese population in YunnanWang, X.; Wu, X.; Liang, Z.; Huang, Y.; Fenech, M.; Xue, J.
2015A comparison of patterns of spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting with St. John's Wort and fluoxetine during the period 2000-2013Hoban, C.; Byard, R.; Musgrave, I.
2009A comparison of two formulations of intradermal capsaicin as models of neuropathic pain in healthy volunteersGustafsson, H.; Akesson, J.; Lau, C.; Williams, D.; Miller, L.; Yap, S.; Rolan, P.
2020A Comprehensive Insight Towards Pharmaceutical Aspects of Graphene NanosheetsEmadi, F.; Emadi, A.; Gholami, A.
2001A concept of welfare based on reward evaluating mechanisms in the brain: Anticipatory behaviour as an indicator for the state of reward systemsSpruijt, B.; Van den Bos, R.; Buisman-Pijlman, F.
2006A cost-effectiveness analysis of heroin detoxification methods in the Australian National Evaluation of Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence (NEPOD)Shanahan, M.; Doran, C.; Digiusto, E.; Bell, J.; Lintzeris, N.; White, J.; Ali, R.; Saunders, J.; Mattick, R.; Gilmour, S.
2014A cross-country comparison of rivaroxaban spontaneous adverse event reports and concomitant medicine use with the potential to increase the risk of harmMcDonald, C.; Kalisch Ellett, L.; Barratt, J.; Caughey, G.
2016A high-throughput screening assay for eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase inhibitorsXiao, T.; Liu, R.; Proud, C.; Wang, M.
2009A lifetime passion for micronucleus cytome assays - Reflections from Down UnderFenech, M.
2016A model-based evaluation of single metrics for discriminating changes in rheumatoid arthritis disease activityWojciechowski, J.; Wiese, M.; Proudman, S.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.
2004A new simple diagnostic assay for the identification of the major CYP2D6 genotypes by DNA sequencing analysisJames, H.; Coller, J.; Gillis, D.; Bahnisch, J.; Sallustio, B.; Somogyi, A.