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2021Endocannabinoids in bladder sensory mechanisms in health and diseasesChristie, S.; Brookes, S.; Zagorodnyuk, V.
2020Pharmacotherapies for cannabis use disorders: Clinical challenges and promising therapeutic agentsNielsen, S.; Sabioni, P.; Gowing, L.; Le Foll, B.; Nadar, M.A.; Hurd, Y.L.
2021Treatment of cystic fibrosis: from gene- to cell-based therapiesAllan, K.M.; Farrow, N.; Donnelley, M.; Jaffe, A.; Waters, S.A.
2021Are sarcopenia and cognitive dysfunction comorbid after stroke in the context of brain–muscle crosstalk?Sui, S.X.; Hordacre, B.; Pasco, J.A.
2020Acoustically-driven drug delivery to maxillary sinuses: aero-acoustic analysisPourmehran, O.; Cazzolato, B.; Tian, Z.; Arjomandi, M.
2021Emerging benefits and drawbacks of α₂-adrenoceptor agonists in the management of sepsis and critical illnessLankadeva, Y.R.; Shehabi, Y.; Deane, A.M.; Plummer, M.P.; Bellomo, R.; May, C.N.
2021Structure activity refinement of phenylsulfonyl piperazines as antimalarials that block erythrocytic invasionNguyen, W.; Dans, M.G.; Ngo, A.; Gancheva, M.R.; Romeo, O.; Duffy, S.; de Koning-Ward, T.F.; Lowes, K.N.; Sabroux, H.J.; Avery, V.M.; Wilson, D.W.; Gilson, P.R.; Sleebs, B.E.
2020Development and application of a high-throughput screening assay for identification of small molecule inhibitors of the P. falciparum reticulocyte binding-like homologue 5 proteinSleebs, B.E.; Jarman, K.E.; Frolich, S.; Wong, W.; Healer, J.; Dai, W.; Lucet, I.S.; Wilson, D.W.; Cowman, A.F.
2020Isolation and biomimetic oxidation of prenylbruceol A, an anticipated meroterpenoid natural product from philotheca myoporoidesDay, A.J.; George, J.H.
2021Residential medication management reviews in Australian residential aged care facilitiesSluggett, J.K.; Bell, J.S.; Lang, C.; Corlis, M.; Whitehead, C.; Wesselingh, S.L.; Inacio, M.C.