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2009Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence: Efficacy, Cost-Effectiveness and Implementation GuidelinesMattick, R.; Ali, R.; Lintzeris, N.
2013Methadone at tapered doses for the management of opioid withdrawalAmato, L.; Davoli, M.; Minozzi, S.; Ferroni, E.; Ali, R.; Ferri, M.
2008Key findings from the WHO collaborative study on substitution therapy for opioid dependence and HIV/AIDSLawrinson, P.; Ali, R.; Buarvirat, A.; Chiamwongpaet, S.; Dvoryak, S.; Habrat, B.; Jie, S.; Mardiati, R.; Mokir, A.; Moskalewicz, J.; Newcombe, D.; Poznyak, V.; Subata, E.; Uchtenhagen, A.; Utami, D.; Vial, R.; Zhao, C.
2011Comparisons of methamphetamine psychotic and schizophrenic symptoms: A differential item functioning analysisSrisurapanont, M.; Arunpongpaisal, S.; Wada, K.; Marsden, J.; Ali, R.; Kongsakon, R.
2011Oral substitution treatment of injecting opioid users for prevention of HIV infection (Review)Gowing, L.; Farrell, M.; Bornemann, R.; Sullivan, L.; Ali, R.
2002The alcohol, smoking and substance involvement screening test (ASSIST): development, reliability and feasibilityAli, R.; Awwad, E.; Babor, T.; Bradley, F.; Butau, T.; Farrell, M.; Formigoni, M.; Isralowitz, R.; Boerngen de Lacerda, R.; Marsden, J.; McRee, B.; Monteiro, M.; Pal, H.; Rubio-Stipec, M.; Vendetti, J.; Ali, Robert Leonard
2003Psychotic symptoms in methamphetamine psychotic in-patientsSrisurapanont, M.; Ali, R.; Marsden, J.; Sunga, A.; Wada, K.; Monteiro, M.
2005The characteristics of heroin users entering treatment: findings from the Australian Treatment Outcome Study (ATOS)Ross, J.; Teesson, M.; Darke, S.; Lynskey, M.; Ali, R.; Ritter, A.; Cooke, R.
2005Validation of the World Health Organization Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST): report of results from the Australian siteNewcombe, D.; Humeniuk, R.; Ali, R.
2008Validation of the alcohol, smoking and substance involement screening test (ASSIST)Humeniuk, R.; Ali, R.; Babor, T.; Farrell, M.; Formigoni, M.; Jittiwutikarn, J.; Boerngen de Lacerda, R.; Ling, W.; Marsden, J.; Monteiro, M.; Nhiwatiwa, S.; Pal, H.; Poznyak, V.; Simon, S.