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2023Nonlinear Mechanics of Hyperelastic StructuresKhaniki, Hossein Bakhshi
2023Policy options for climate change loss and damage: A case study from Fijian agricultureNand, Moleen Monita
2023Characterisation of Ovarian Cancer Development, Progression and Treatment Resistance Through Mass Spectrometry AnalysisAcland, Mitchell
2023From media users to media-enhanced knowledge creators : identifying issues with integrating feature films and television series into University teachingNguyen, Ngoc Nhu
2023The role of GABA in plant salinity and hypoxia responsesMeng, Ying
2023Who is Best Placed to Make What Decisions? Multilevel Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change - Some Observations from South Australia.Lincoln, Barry Garth
2023Explainable Reinforcement Learning via Rule Extraction in Complex Visual EnvironmentsManchin, Anthony Victor
2023Approximating Fluid QueuesLewis, Angus Hamilton
2023The Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic Severity on Financial Analyst Earnings ForecastsBui, Hoang Long
2023Development of 2-Aminoquinoline Derivatives with Improved Drug-Like Character as Small Molecule Inhibitors for a Protein-Protein Interaction DomainSwan, Ellen Lillian
2023'Three Great Forces are at Work Trying to Control Events': Australian Anglican Views on the League of Nations, Communism, and Fascism, 1927-1939Parsons, Alexander Charles
2023Dietary intakes and contemporary feeding patterns in Australian infants and toddlers 0-24 monthsMoumin, Najma
2023Essays on Uncertainty and Business Cycle FluctuationsSewak, Tayushma
2023Langlands Duality in the Generic Fibres of Classical Hitchin FibrationsKlingner, Tyson
2023The Closing Lemma for Riemann SurfacesNguyen, Wills Ton Minh
2023Constructing Security Functions for Resource-Limited Devices With Memory FingerprintsSu, Yang
2023Application of Bio-inspired Algorithms to Selected Real-World ProblemsHirad Assimi
2023Provoking Consciousness: Towards a Bioregional Understanding of Local Character: Urbanisation of the Fringe at Willunga Basin, South AustraliaPragathi
2023Disrespect and Abuse During Facility-Based Childbirth in Ethiopia: A Mixed-Methods StudyAdinew, Yohannes
2023Characterisation and Estimation of Entropy Rate for Long Range Dependent ProcessesFeutrill, Andrew Robert