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2020Studies of TeV Gamma-Ray Sources in the Hydrogen-Alpha Optical LineAlsulami, Rami
2020Regressive Evolution of Vision and Speciation in the Subterranean Diving Beetles from Western AustraliaLangille, Barbara
2020Adolescents Resisting the Drinking Culture: understanding Abstinence and Low-risk Alcohol Consumption in AdolescenceSharrad, Suzanne Kathlene
2020Data Augmentation for Multi-domain and Multi-modal Generalised Zero-shot LearningFelix Alves, Raphael
2020Paired Impulse Response Function and Layer-Peeling Method for Anomaly Detection and Condition Assessment of PipelinesZeng, Wei
2020Multiscale modelling of a pharmaceutical fluidized bed coating processFarivar, Foad
2020Fear of Failure and Entrepreneurial Intention among Young IndividualsUkil, Minhajul Islam
2020Decision making with reciprocal chains and binary neural network modelsStamatescu, George
2020The Roles of Osteoblast-mTORC1 in the Regulation of Glucose MetabolismTangseefa, Pawanrat
2020Integrated Motor System Estimation Using Efficiency MapsHaines, Gabriel Graham
2020Sleep Arousal and Cardiovascular DynamicsSalari Shahrbabaki, Sobhan
2020Study on performance of Cement Paste Backfill (CPB) with different binder under various situationZhao, Yue
2020Psychometric properties of the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), Social Support Scale (SSS) and Sense of Personal Control Scale (SPCS) in Aboriginal Australian populationsRibeiro Santiago, Pedro Henrique
2020Woman centred care or institution centred care? A discursive analytic study of childbirth-related decisionsCole, Lindsay
2020Formation Control and Reconfiguration Strategy of Multi-Agent SystemsLiu, Yutong
2020Codification Pedagogy for Introductory Procedural Programming CoursesGarcia, Rita Alicia
2020Vindicating Vague ObjectsLazarou, Michael
2020Big and Small City Preferences of Migrant Workers in China: Case Studies of Beijing and JinzhouLi, Biqing
2020An investigation of the chemistry of silver in biological systems, and the development of silver-containing materials for use as antibacterial agentsBetts, Harley Dwane
2020Pathways for conscience protection in law: German, American and Australian perspectivesQuirk, Patrick T.