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This collection contains Ph.D. and Masters (Research) theses from University of Adelaide postgraduate students.

Note that in many cases the full content of the thesis is not available here; instead we have scanned the title page, contents pages and abstract from each thesis and made that available as a PDF file. In 2015, the Library began a project to digitise and make all research theses available online. See details at: Digitisation Project

We expect new theses to be deposited here in complete form. Older theses may be included here on request from the author.

Theses listed here will also be included in the National Library of Australia's Trove service.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 9695
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Modelling effects of land-use and climate changes on catchment streamflow, sediment and nutrient loads by means of alternative and integrated modelsNguyen, Hanh Hong
2019The potential functional diversity offered by native insectary plants to support populations of predatory arthropods in Australian vineyardsRetallack, Mary Joy
2019The Effect of Dietary Micronutrient Supplementation on the Reproductive Health of Obese MalesShehadeh, Helana
2019New forensic DNA profiling techniques for human identificationBardan, Felicia
2019Psychometric properties and structural determinants of oral care performance among children in AustraliaNair, Rahul
2019Multivariate Modelling of Geological and Geometallurgical VariablesAddo Junior, Emmanuel
2019Joint appearance and motion model for multi-class multi-object trackingLiu, Chongyu
2019Chivalry and Courtly Love: Cultural Shifts, Gender Relations, and Politics in early Tudor Court CultureLocke, Hilary Jane
2019The Evolution of Cutaneous Senses in Marine Snakes (Hydrophiinae)Crowe-Riddell, Jenna Margaret
2019Alcohol Consumption in Australia: Can Awareness about Health Impacts, or the Presence of Children in the Home be Linked to Drinking Behaviour?Bowden, Jacqueline Anne
2019The Thai State and Sexual Health Policy: Deconstructing the culture of silence and stigrmatisation of young people's non-marital heterosexual activityDrew, Brendan Robert
2019An efficient modelling technique for analysis of thin-walled laminated composite beams having open and closed cross sectionsAsadi Khansari, Arash
2019Linkages Between Oil Price Shocks and Stock Retums RevisitedParry, Sean David
2019Codifying Contract Law in Australia: Issues and ObstaclesEldridge, John Anthony
2019Inferring the Characteristics of Ancient Populations using Bioinformatic Analysis of Genome-wide DNA Sequencing DataGower, Graham Richard
2019Economic Analysis of Farm Household Perceptions and Preferences for Salinity Intrusion Risk Reduction in the Mekong River DeltaKhong, Tien Dung
2019[EMBARGOED] Structural and biophysical characterisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis dethiobiotin synthetaseThompson, Andrew Philip
2019[EMBARGOED] Improving Adolescent Health Through Immunisation: A Case Study - Invasive Meningococcal DiseaseWang, Bing
2019[EMBARGOED] The Role of the Osteocyte in Periprosthetic OsteolysisOrmsby, Renee Therese
2019[EMBARGOED] Food System Transformation in Fiji: Exploring the Determinants of Diet Quality and Health Outcomes in Rural and Urban HouseholdsFinizio, Anna Vicki
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 9695