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2023Immigrants experience oral health care inequity: findings from Australia's National Study of Adult Oral HealthMejia, G.C.; Ju, X.; Kumar, S.; Soares, G.H.; Balasubramanian, M.; Sohn, W.; Jamieson, L.
2023Dental enamel defects and dental caries of primary teeth among Indigenous children in Western Australia.Arrow, P.; Piggott, S.; Jamieson, L.; Brennan, D.; Tonmukayakul, U.; Kularatna, S.; Atkinson, D.; Nanda, S.
2023Investigating the dentoalveolar complex in archaeological human skull specimens: Additional Findings with large volume micro-CT compared to standard methodsGurr, A.; Higgins, D.; Henneberg, M.; Kumaratilake, J.; O'Donnell, M.; McKinnon, M.; Hall, K.; Brook, A.
2023Synthesis of Cationic Silver Nanoparticles with Highly Potent Properties against Oral Pathogens and Their BiofilmsHe, Y.; Ketagoda, D.H.K.; Bright, R.; Britza, S.M.; Zechner, J.; Musgrave, I.; Vasilev, K.; Zilm, P.
2023Provision of Dental Care to Indigenous South Australians and Impacts on Improved General Health: Study ProtocolJamieson, L.; Hedges, J.; Dodd, Z.; Larkins, P.; Zbierski, C.; Nath, S.; Kapellas, K.; Ju, X.
2023Development of the oral resistome during the first decade of lifeSukumar, S.; Wang, F.; Simpson, C.A.; Willet, C.E.; Chew, T.; Hughes, T.E.; Bockmann, M.R.; Sadsad, R.; Martin, F.E.; Lydecker, H.W.; Browne, G.V.; Davis, K.M.; Bui, M.; Martinez, E.; Adler, C.J.
2022Stem cell applications in periodontal regenerationBartold, M.; Ivanovski, S.
2022Cost effectiveness of a 1-hour high-sensitivity troponin-T protocol: an analysis of the RAPID-TnT trialChuang, M.Y.A.; Gnanamanickam, E.S.; Karnon, J.; Lambrakis, K.; Horsfall, M.; Blyth, A.; Seshadri, A.; Nguyen, M.T.; Briffa, T.; Cullen, L.A.; Quinn, S.; French, J.K.; Chew, D.P.
2022Child-, family-, and community-level facilitators for promoting oral health practices among Indigenous childrenPoirier, B.F.; Hedges, J.; Smithers, L.G.; Moskos, M.; Jamieson, L.M.
2022Oral HPV infection among Indigenous Australians; incidence, persistence and clearance at 12-months follow-upSethi, S.; Ju, X.; Antonsson, A.; Canfell, K.; Smith, M.A.; Garvey, G.; Hedges, J.; Jamieson, L.
2022Psychometric properties of the EQ-5D-3L in South Australia: a multi-method non-preference-based validation studyZakershahrak, M.; Ribeiro Santiago, P.H.; Sethi, S.; Haag, D.; Jamieson, L.; Brennan, D.
2022Reflections from field notes: an oral human papillomavirus infection and oropharyngeal cancer study among Indigenous AustraliansHedges, J.; Garvey, G.; Ju, X.; Canfell, K.; Howard, K.; Smith, M.; Jamieson, L.
2022Spiked nanostructures disrupt fungal biofilm and impart increased sensitivity to antifungal treatmentHayles, A.; Bright, R.; Wood, J.; Palms, D.; Zilm, P.; Brown, T.; Barker, D.; Vasilev, K.
2022Group-based trajectories of maternal intake of sugar-sweetened beverage and offspring oral health from a prospective birth cohort studyHa, D.H.; Nguyen, H.; Dao, A.; Golley, R.K.; Thomson, W.M.; Manton, D.J.; Leary, S.; Scott, J.; Spencer, A.J.; Do, L.G.
2022Income-based inequalities in dental service utilization: A multiple mediation analysisGhanbarzadegan, A.; Mittinty, M.; Brennan, D.S.; Jamieson, L.M.
2022Strategies to Support Sustained Participant Engagement in an Oral Health Promotion Study for Indigenous Children and Their Families in AustraliaHammersley, M.L.; Hedges, J.; Poirier, B.F.; Jamieson, L.M.; Smithers, L.G.
2022Disparities in Human Papillomavirus vaccination coverage among adolescents in Australia: A geospatial analysisSoares, G.H.; Sethi, S.; Hedges, J.; Jamieson, L.
2022Dynamics in oral health-related factors of Indigenous Australian children: a network analysis of a randomized controlled trialSoares, G.H.; Ribeiro Santiago, P.H.; Biazevic, M.G.H.; Michel-Crosato, E.; Jamieson, L.
2022Oral health: epidemiology and concordance in Australian children and parentsStormon, N.; Clifford, S.; Lange, K.; Mangoyana, C.; Ford, P.; Wake, M.; Lalloo, R.
2022Spiked Titanium Nanostructures That Inhibit Anaerobic Dental PathogensHayles, A.; Hasan, J.; Bright, R.; Wood, J.; Palms, D.; Zilm, P.; Barker, D.; Vasilev, K.