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1995Intercuspal distances of maxillary premolars in 45X (Turner syndrome) femalesTownsend, G.; Alvesalo, L.
1995Quantitative forensic evaluation of bitemarks with the aid of a shape analysis computer program. Part 1 The development of SCIP and the Similarity IndexNambiar, P.; Bridges, Trevor Edwin; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury
1995Management of temporomandibular disorders in AustraliaGoss, Alastair Norman
1996Forensic implications of the variation in morphology of marginal serrations on the teeth of the Great White SharkNambiar, P.; Brown, Kenneth Aylesbury; Bridges, Trevor Edwin
1997Distribution and coexistence of neuropeptides in nerve fibres in the temporomandibular joint of late gestation fetal sheepTahmasebi-Sarvestani, Abdolghafar; Tedman, R.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1999Begg applicance management of a moderately crowded angle Class 11 division 2 malocclusionHo, H. C. W.; Creyer, C. W.
1999Arthroscopic surgery of the temporomandibular joint: comparison of two successful techniquesMiyamoto, H.; Sakashita, H.; Miyata, M.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1996Factors influencing nurses' aides' provision of oral care for nursing facility residentsChalmers, Jane Margaret; Levy, Steven M.; Buckwalter, Kathleen C.; Ettinger, Ronald L.; Kambhu, Peter P.
1995Arthroscopic treatment of an osteophyte in the Glenoid fossaMiyamoto, H.; Sakashita, H.; Miyata, M.; Sakuma, K.; Miyaji, Y.; Tsuji, M.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1996Neural structures within the sheep temporomandibular jointTahmasebi-Sarvestani, Abdolghafar; Tedman, Raymond A.; Goss, Alastair Norman