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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An assessment of the treatment information contained within the websites of direct-to-consumer orthodontic aligner providersMeade, M.J.; Dreyer, C.W.
2020Genetic contribution to palatal morphology variation using three-dimensional analysis in Australian twinsNegishi, S.; Richards, L.; Hughes, T.E.; Kondo, S.; Kasai, K.
2021Periodontal and dental pulp cell-derived small extracellular vesicles: a review of the current statusHua, S.; Bartold, P.M.; Gulati, K.; Moran, C.S.; Ivanovski, S.; Han, P.
2020Response of salivary microbiota to caries preventive treatment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander childrenSkelly, E.; Johnson, N.W.; Kapellas, K.; Kroon, J.; Lalloo, R.; Weyrich, L.
2020Demonstration of high value care to improve oral health of a remote Indigenous community in AustraliaKularatna, S.; Lalloo, R.; Kroon, J.; Tadakamadla, S.K.K.; Scuffham, P.A.; Johnson, N.W.
2020Oral epidemiological examination - protocol: the National Study of Adult Oral Health 2017-18Do, L.G.; Peres, K.G.; Ha, D.H.; Roberts-Thomson, K.F.
2020Longitudinal study of oral microbiome variation in twinsFreire, M.; Moustafa, A.; Harkins, D.; Torralba, M.; Zhang, Y.; Leong, P.; Saffery, R.; Bockmann, M.; Kuelbs, C.; Hughes, T.E.; Craig, J.; Nelson, K.
2020The role of the oral microbiota in chronic non-communicable disease and its relevance to the Indigenous health gap in AustraliaHandsley-Davis, M.; Jamieson, L.; Kapellas, K.; Hedges, J.; Weyrich, L.S.
2021Carious lesions in permanent dentitions are reduced in remote Indigenous Australian children taking part in a non-randomised preventive trialLalloo, R.; Tadakamadla, S.K.; Kroon, J.; Jamieson, L.M.; Ware, R.S.; Johnson, N.W.
2020Sources and determinants of wholegrain intake in a cohort of Australian children aged 12-14 monthsHassan, A.; Devenish, G.; Golley, R.K.; Ha, D.; Do, L.G.; Scott, J.A.