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2016Wisdom teeth extractions among Australian adults: findings from the 2013 National Dental Telephone Interview SurveyHanna, K.M.; Sambrook, P.; Armfield, J.; Jamieson, L.; Brennan, D.; Dental School Research Day 2016 (29 Jul 2016 - 29 Jul 2016 : Adelaide, SA)
2013Applying the Cognitive Vulnerability Model to the analysis of cognitive and family influences on children's dental fearCrego, A.; Carrillo-Diaz, M.; Armfield, J.; Romero, M.
2012Self-assessed oral health, cognitive vulnerability and dental anxiety in children: Testing a mediational modelCarrillo-Diaz, M.; Crego, A.; Armfield, J.; Romero-Maroto, M.
2013The dentist's role in promoting community water fluoridation: A call to action for dentists and educatorsMelbye, M.; Armfield, J.
2010Is dental anxiety an aetiologic factor in poor dental attendance?Mejia, G.; Jamieson, L.; Armfield, J.; Slade, G.
2012Treatment experience, frequency of dental visits, and children's dental fear: a cognitive approachCarrillo-Diaz, M.; Crego, A.; Armfield, J.; Romero-Maroto, M.
2014Self-rated oral health and oral health-related factors: the role of social inequalityMejia, G.; Armfield, J.; Jamieson, L.
2015Dental fear and expected effectiveness of destructive coping as predictors of children's uncooperative intentions in dental settingsCrego, A.; Carrillo-Diaz, M.; Armfield, J.; Romero, M.
2014Dental anxiety screening practices and self-reported training needs among Australian dentistsArmfield, J.; Mohan, H.; Luzzi, L.; Chrisopoulos, S.
2005Public water fluoridation and dental health in New South WalesArmfield, J.