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2016Oral health impact among rural-dwelling indigenous adults in South AustraliaParker, E.; Mills, H.; Spencer, A.; Mejia, G.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Jamieson, L.
2014Recruiting dentists for underserved populations: do we simply ask them?Gardner, S.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Winning, T.; Peterson, R.; 92nd International Association for Dental Research General Session (IADR) (25 Jun 2014 - 28 Jun 2014 : Cape Town, South Africa)
2008The National Survey of Adult Oral Health 2004-06: Western AustraliaDo, L.; Ellershaw, A.; Harford, J.; Luzzi, L.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.
2011Validity of dental screening questions in an Indigenous young adult populationJamieson, L.; Kapellas, K.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sayers, S.
2014Self-efficacy and self-rated oral health among pregnant aboriginal Australian womenJamieson, L.; Parker, E.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Lawrence, H.; Broughton, J.
2009Relative needs index study, South Australia and New South WalesLuzzi, L.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Jones, K.
2006Dental general anaesthetic trends among Australian childrenJamieson, L.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2016A screening model for oral cancer using risk scores: development and validationKrishna Rao, S.; Mejia, G.; Logan, R.; Kulkarni, M.; Kamath, V.; Fernandes, D.; Ray, S.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2019Socioeconomic and psychosocial associations with oral health impact and general healthBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2012Child Dental Health Survey Australia 2007: 30-year trends in child oral healthMejia, G.; Amarasena, H.; Ha, D.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Ellershaw, A.; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare