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2007Oral health comparisons between children attending an Aboriginal health service and a Government school dental service in a regional locationParker, E.; Jamieson, L.
2001Differential expression and distribution of syndecan-1 and -2 in the developing periodontium of the ratWorapamorn, W.; Li, H.; Young, W.; Bartold, P.
2001Cell-surface proteoglycan expression by lymphocytes from peripheral blood and gingiva in health and periodontal diseaseManakil, J.; Sugerman, P.; Li, H.; Seymour, G.; Bartold, P.
2008Lifetime fluoridation exposure and dental caries experience in a military populationMahoney, G.; Slade, G.; Kitchener, S.; Barnett, A.
2008An experimental study of the role of vulnerability related perceptions in spider fear: Comparing an imaginal and in vivo encounterArmfield, J.
2005Orthodontic practices in Australasia: practice activityMathew, R.; Sampson, W.; Spencer, A.
2008A comparative study of the etiology of adult mandibular fractures in the Sultanate of Oman and South AustraliaAl Hashmi, A.; Al-Ismaily, M.; Goss, A.
2005Problems reported by patients before and after prosthodontic treatmentSzentpetery, A.; John, M.; Slade, G.; Setz, J.
2003Periodontal disease among the middle-aged Vietnamese populationDo, L.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Ha, D.; Tran, T.; Trinh, H.
2001Comparative activities of the enantiomeric GABAB receptor agonists CGP 44532 and 44533 in central and peripheral tissuesOng, J.; Bexis, S.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.; Froestl, W.