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2016Prenatal and familial factors of caries in first permanent molars in schoolchildren living in urban area of Łódź, PolandBorowska-Strugińska, B.; Żądzińska, E.; Bruzda-Zwiech, A.; Filipińska, R.; Lubowiecka-Gontarek, B.; Szydłowska-Walendowska, B.; Wochna-Sobańska, M.
1999Comparison of cervicovertebral dimensions in Australian Aborigines and CaucasiansGrave, B.; Brown, T.; Townsend, G.
2000A method for protrusive mandibular force measurement in childrenChintakanon, K.; Turker, K.; Sampson, W.; Townsend, G.; Wilkinson, T.
2008Incidence of dental trauma among adolescents: a prospective cohort studyRamos-Jorge, M.; De Anselmo Peres, M.; Traebert, J.; Ghisi, C.; de Paiva, S.; Pordeus, I.; Marques, L.
2008Comparative evaluation of micro-implant and headgear anchorage used with a pre-adjusted appliance systemMa, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, W.; Chen, W.; Zhao, C.; Smales, R.
2008Factors associated with infrequent dental attendance in the Australian populationRoberts-Thomson, K.; Slade, G.
2013Appointment attendance at a remote rural dental training facility in AustraliaLalloo, R.; McDonald, J.
2013Craniofacial and upper airway morphology in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and changes in quality of life with rapid maxillary expansionKatyal, V.; Pamula, Y.; Daynes, C.; Martin, A.; Dreyer, C.; Kennedy, J.; Sampson, W.
2013Dento-facial relationships in individuals with normal occlusionAl-Khatib, A.; Rajion, Z.; Masudi, S.; Hassan, R.; Townsend, G.
2007The relation between family socioeconomic trajectories from childhood to adolescence and dental caries and associated oral behavioursDe Anselmo Peres, M.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.; de Barros, A.; Victora, C.