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2008Early-phase dental students' motivations and expectations concerning the study and profession of dentistryLalloo, R.; Ayo-Yusuf, O.A.; Yengopal, V.
2003Periodontal disease among the middle-aged Vietnamese populationDo, L.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Ha, D.; Tran, T.; Trinh, H.
2004Oral health and dental attendance patterns of Pacific people in Christchurch, New ZealandPetelo, J.; Jamieson, L.; Ayers, K.
2008Prevalência de obesidade e fatores potencialmente causais em adultos em região do sul do BrasilVedana, E.; De Anselmo Peres, M.; Das Neves, J.; da Rocha, G.; Longo, G.
2013Clustering of physical inactivity in leisure, work, commuting and household domains among Brazilian adultsDel Duca, G.; Nahas, M.; de Sousa, T.; Mota, J.; Hallal, P.; Glazer De Anselmo Peres, K.
2013Dento-facial relationships in individuals with normal occlusionAl-Khatib, A.; Rajion, Z.; Masudi, S.; Hassan, R.; Townsend, G.
2013Oral health impact on quality of life among adults with disabilities: carer perceptionsPradhan, A.
2015Dietary practices among individuals with diabetes and hypertension are similar to those of healthy people: a population-based studyOzcariz, S.; de O Bernardo, C.; Cembranel, F.; Peres, M.; González-Chica, D.
2012Is income area level associated with blood pressure in adults regardless of individual-level characteristics? A multilevel approachHofelmann, D.; Antunes, J.; Silva, D.; De Anselmo Peres, M.
2013Facial aesthetics and perceived need for further treatment among adults with repaired cleft as assessed by cleft team professionals and laypersonsFoo, P.; Sampson, W.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.; David, D.