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1998Activator and Begg appliance management of a severe Angle Class II, division 1 malocclusionCameron, J.; Sampson, W.
2000A prospective study of twin-block appliance therapy assessed by magnetic resonance imagingChintakanon, K.; Sampson, W.; Wilkinson, T.; Townsend, G.
2000Electropalatographic and cephalometric assessment of tongue function in open bite and non-open bite subjectsCayley, A.; Tindall, A.; Sampson, W.; Butcher, A.
2000A method for protrusive mandibular force measurement in childrenChintakanon, K.; Turker, K.; Sampson, W.; Townsend, G.; Wilkinson, T.
2003Predicting nose projection and pronasale position in facial approximation: A test of published methods and proposal of new guidelinesStephan, C.; Henneberg, M.; Sampson, W.
2013Craniofacial and upper airway morphology in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and changes in quality of life with rapid maxillary expansionKatyal, V.; Pamula, Y.; Daynes, C.; Martin, A.; Dreyer, C.; Kennedy, J.; Sampson, W.
2008Craniofacial reference plane variation and natural head positionMadsen, D.; Sampson, W.; Townsend, G.
2009An evaluation of maxillary and mandibular rotational responses with the Clark twin block applianceLau, E.; Sampson, W.; Townsend, G.; Hughes, T.
2000Electropalatographic and cephalometric assessment of myofunctional therapy in open-bite subjectsCayley, A.; Tindall, A.; Sampson, W.; Butcher, A.
2002The extraction of permanent second molars and its effect on the dentofacial complex of patients treated with the Tip-Edge applianceGreatrex, P.; Sampson, W.; Richards, L.; Twelftree, C.