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1997Distribution of coronal and root caries experience among persons aged 60+ in South AustraliaSlade, G.; Spencer, A.
1996Provision of public dental services in urban, rural and remote locationsBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.
1997Service provision among adult public dental service patients: baseline data from the Commonwealth Dental Health ProgramBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.
2004How do age and tooth loss affect oral health impacts and quality of life? A study comparing two national samplesSteele, J.; Sanders, A.; Slade, G.; Allen, P.; Lahti, S.; Nuttall, N.; Spencer, A.
2004Incidence of periodontal attachment loss over 5 years among older South AustraliansThomson, W.; Slade, G.; Beck, J.; Elter, J.; Spencer, A.; Chalmers, J.
1996Tooth loss and chewing incapacity among older adults in AdelaideSlade, G.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2007The independent contribution of neighborhood disadvantage and individual-level socioeconomic position to self-reported oral health: a multilevel analysisTurrell, G.; Sanders, A.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.; Marcenes, W.
2006The shape of the socioeconomic-oral health gradient: implications for theoretical explanationsSanders, A.; Slade, G.; Turrell, G.; Spencer, A.; Marcenes, W.
2000Medication and dry mouth: Findings from a cohort study of older peopleThomson, W.; Chalmers, J.; Spencer, A.; Slade, G.
1995Periodontal attachment loss among adults aged 60+ in South AustraliaSlade, G.; Spencer, A.