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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The localisation of ED1 antibody in the resorbing hard tissues of the periodontiumDreyer, C.; Pierce, A.
2001Induced mandibular condylar growth in a sheep model after functional appliance treatmentMa, B.; Sampson, W.; Fazzalari, N.; Wilson, D.; Wiebkin, O.
2001Effect of down syndrome on the dimensions of dental crowns and tissuesBell, E.; Townsend, G.; Wilson, D.; Kieser, J.; Hughes, T.
2001Expression of bone associated macromolecules by gingival and periodontal ligament fibroblastsIvanovski, S.; Li, H.; Haase, H.; Bartold, P.
2001Comparative activities of the enantiomeric GABAB receptor agonists CGP 44532 and 44533 in central and peripheral tissuesOng, J.; Bexis, S.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.; Froestl, W.
2001Accuracy of emergency department bedside ultrasonographyRowland, J.; Kuhn, M.; Bonnin, R.; Davey, M.; Langlois, S.
2001Differences in dimensions of satisfaction with private and public dental care among childrenBrennan, D.; Gaughwin, A.; Spencer, A.
2001Cell-surface proteoglycan expression by lymphocytes from peripheral blood and gingiva in health and periodontal diseaseManakil, J.; Sugerman, P.; Li, H.; Seymour, G.; Bartold, P.
2001Growth hormone induces bone morphogenetic proteins and bone-related proteins in the developing rat periodontiumLi, H.; Bartold, P.; Young, W.; Xiao, Y.; Waters, M.
2001Differential expression and distribution of syndecan-1 and -2 in the developing periodontium of the ratWorapamorn, W.; Li, H.; Young, W.; Bartold, P.