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2007The child oral health impact profile: Current status and future directionsSlade, G.; Reisine, S.
2005A systematic review of oral health assessment by nurses and carers for residents with dementia in residential care facilitiesChalmers, J.; Pearson, A.
2008The global network on dental education: a new vision for IFDEAde Vries, J.; Murtomaa, H.; Butler, M.; Cherrett, H.; Ferrillo, P.; Ferro, M.; Gadbury-Amyot, C.; Haden, N.; Manogue, M.; Mintz, J.; Mulvihill, J.; Murray, B.; Nattestad, A.; Nielsen, D.; Ogunbodede, E.; Parkash, H.; Plasschaert, F.; Reed, M.; Rupp, R.; Tandon, S.; et al.
2014Are Stage of Change constructs relevant for subjective oral health in a vulnerable population?Jamieson, L.; Parker, E.; Broughton, J.; Lawrence, H.; Armfield, J.
2013Social inequalities and periodontal disease: multilevel approach in SBBrasil 2010 survey = Desigualdades sociais e doença periodontal no estudo SBBrasil 2010: abordagem multinívelVettore, M.; de Amorim Marques, R.; De Anselmo Peres, M.
2003Dental health of Chatham Islanders: an investigation of the oral health of Chatham Islands residentsJamieson, L.; Thomson, W.
2011A clinician guide to patients afraid of dental injections and numbnessArmfield, J.; Milgrom, P.
2002Dental health, dental neglect, and use of services in an adult Dunedin population sampleJamieson, L.; Thomson, M.
2005Parental perceptions of their preschool-aged children's oral healthTalekar, B.; Rozier, R.; Slade, G.; Ennett, S.
1997Distribution of coronal and root caries experience among persons aged 60+ in South AustraliaSlade, G.; Spencer, A.