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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011ACE research briefing paper 004 : emerging and young high potential start-upsSteffens, P.R.; Davidsson, P.; Gordon, S.R.; James, N.; Senyard, J.M.; Stuetzer, M.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
2008ACE research briefing paper 006 : anatomy of new business activity in Australia: some early observations from the CAUSEE projectDavidsson, P.; Steffens, P.R.; Gordon, S.R.; Reynolds, P.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
2015ACE research vignette 038 : cracking the start-up code : does it matter when you do what?Gordon, S.R.; Davidsson, P.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
2006Action research cycles for multiple futures perspectivesList, Dennis H.
2012Action's place in the venture creation processGordon, S.
2014Adapting rail and road networks to weather extremes: case studies for southern Germany and AustriaDoll, C.; Trinks, C.; Sedlacek, N.; Pelikan, V.; Comes, T.; Schultmann, F.
2012Addressing wicked problems in a range of project typesIreland, V.; Rapaport, B.; Omarova, A.; Complex Adaptive Systems Conference (2012 : Washington D.C.)
2012An alternative approach to identifying and appraising adaptive loops in complex organizationsOmarova, A.; Ireland, V.; Gorod, A.; Complex Adaptive Systems Conference (2012 : Washington D.C.)
2010Analysis of cost and schedule performance of international development projectsAhsan, K.; Gunawan, I.
2012Analysis of design structure matrix methods in design process improvementGunawan, I.
2015Analysis of education and practical relevance of project management topics in New ZealandGunawan, I.
2009An analysis of government policy communication on entrepreneurship education in Australia: Spanning macro and micro economic implicationsO'Connor, A.; Cherry, N.; AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (6th : 2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Analysis of product recalls: identification of recall initiators and causes of recallAhsan, K.; Gunawan, I.
2012Analyzing energy and resource efficiency measures in the steel and zinc industry combining flowsheet simulation with a linear material and energy flow modelFröhling, M.; Schwaderer, F.; Bartusch, H.; Schultmann, F.; International Seminar on Society and Materials (28 Apr 2010 : Nancy)
2017Analyzing investment strategies under changing energy and climate policies: an interdisciplinary bottom-up approach regarding German metal industriesBreun, P.; Fröhling, M.; Zimmer, K.; Schultmann, F.
2012Application of case studies to engineering management and systems engineering educationGandhi, S.; Sauser, B.; White, B.; Gorod, A.; Ireland, V.; American Society for Engineering Education Conference & Exposition (119th : 2012 : San Antonio, Texas)
2016Application of fuzzy risk analysis for selecting critical processes in implementation of SPC with a case studyKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Nikfalazar, S.
2012Application of Markov Process technique for optimal maintenance in a power stationGunawan, I.; Patel, D.
2017Application of system dynamics to evaluate the social and economic benefits of infrastructure projectsNguyen, V.; Cook, S.; Ireland, V.
2009Applying knowledge management concepts to engage students in an undergraduate online learning communityDottore, A.; Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (20th : 2009 : Adelaide, Australia)