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2013What it means to be green : an examination of early stage environmental and sustainability focused firmsGordon, S.R.; Davidsson, P.; Senyard, J.M.; Department of Industry
2013New venture internationalisationDavidsson, P.; Gordon, S.R.; Department of Industry
2012Analyzing energy and resource efficiency measures in the steel and zinc industry combining flowsheet simulation with a linear material and energy flow modelFröhling, M.; Schwaderer, F.; Bartusch, H.; Schultmann, F.; International Seminar on Society and Materials (28 Apr 2010 : Nancy)
2012Potential supply chain cost savings from innovative cold bitumen handlingWunder, M.; Hiete, M.; Stengel, J.; Schultmann, F.; Simmleit, N.
2013Identifying important success factors in new venture creationGordon, S.R.; Davidsson, P.; Department of Industry
2013A portrayal of new entrants into the Australian economy (Entrepreneurial individuals and ventures)Davidsson, P.; Gordon, S.R.; Department of Industry
2013Capturing gazelles : features of high potential firms & new venture growthGordon, S.R.; Davidsson, P.; Department of Industry
2014Business model innovation to create and capture resource value in future circular material chainsRoos, G.
2014Emerging opportunities for 'design thinking' to deliver sustainable solutions in the built environmentWilson, K.; Desha, C.; Bucolo, S.; Miller, E.
2013A conceptual framework for entrepreneurship education policy: meeting government and economic purposesO'Connor, A.