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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20111968-2008: Curated exhibitions and Australian art historyDe Lorenzo, C.; Mendelssohn, J.; Speck, C.
20091970 When It Changed: The beginnings of women's liberation in AustraliaMagarey, S.; Crotty, M.; Roberts, D.
2009A 'Model of the old House': architecture in Blackstone's life and commentariesMatthews, C.; Wilfrid Prest
2015A beautiful crisis? Ang Lee's film adaptation of The Ice StormOsborn, C.; Cowdell, S.; Fleming, C.; Hodge, J.
2001A case of mistaken indentity? Suikerlords and ladies, Tempo Doeloe and the Dutch colonial communities in nineteenth century JavaKnight, G.
2019A Cultural History of the Emotions in the Baroque and Enlightenment Age (1600-1780)Broomhall, S.; Davidson, J.; Lynch, A.; Lemmings, D.; Walker, C.; Barclay, K.
2001A culture of fact: England, 1550-1720.Prest, W.
2011A formula for courtesy in some English vernacular poems: Conventional traits, the use of common language, and the greation of "genre"Bailey, M.; Stévanovitch, C.; Louviot, E.; Mahoux-Pauzin, P.; Hascoet, D.
2009A golden era: Japanese arts from Martindale Hall reunitedHarris, J.
2012'A Halo of Protection': colonial protectors and the principle of aboriginal protection through punishmentNettelbeck, A.
2018A History of South AustraliaSendziuk, P.; Foster, R.
2012A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide 1876-2012Harvey, N.; Fornasiero, F.; McCarthy, G.; Macintyre, C.; Crossin, C.
2009A house of honey: White sugar, brown sugar, and the taste for modernity in colonial and postcolonial IndonesiaKnight, G.
2005A king is killed in Marseille: France and Yugoslavia in 1934Drapac, V.
2002A la recherche de la tomate perdue: The first French tomato recipe?Santich, B.
2009A matter of conscience? The democratic significance of 'conscience votes' in legislating bioethics in AustraliaRoss, K.; Dodds, S.; Ankeny, R.
2008A not so genteel pen: Grace Cossington Smith's 'British-Australian' cartoonsSpeck, C.; Kerr, H.; Warner, L.
2005A peaceable historian at war: The passions of Trevor WilsonDare, R.
2006A precocious appetite: Industrial agriculture and the fertiliser revolution in Java's colonial cane fields, c. 1880-1914Knight, G.
2000A Prime Minister reflects: The War Memoirs of David Lloyd GeorgeWilson, T.; Moses, J.; Pugsley, C.