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2007Comparison between gradient-dependent hydraulic conductivities of roots using the root pressure probe: the role of pressure propagations and implications for the relative roles of parallel radial pathwaysBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2009Roles of Morphology, Anatomy, and Aquaporins in Determining Contrasting Hydraulic Behavior of RootsBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2002Plant aquaporins: multifunctional water and solute channels with expanding rolesTyerman, S.; Niemietz, C.; Bramley, H.
2009Identification and functional characterisation of aquaporins in the grapevine, Vitis viniferaShelden, M.; Howitt, S.; Kaiser, B.; Tyerman, S.
2007Water flow in the roots of crop species: The influence of root structure, aquaporin activity, and waterloggingBramley, H.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.; Turner, N.
2001Role of membrane transport in phloem translocation of assimilates and waterPatrick, J.; Zhang, W.; Tyerman, S.; Offler, C.; Walker, N.
2002Nonselective currents and channels in plasma membranes of protoplasts from coats of developing seeds of beanZhang, W.; Skerrett, M.; Walker, N.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.
2005NH4+ currents across the peribacteroid membrane of soybean. Macroscopic and microscopic properties, inhibition by Mg2+, and temperature dependence indicate a subpicoSiemens channel finely regulated by divalent cationsObermeyer, G.; Tyerman, S.
2007Review: Nutrient loading of developing seedsZhang, W.; Zhou, Y.; Dibley, K.; Tyerman, S.; Furbank, R.; Patrick, J.
2005Roles of aquaporins in root responses to irrigationVandeleur, R.; Niemietz, C.; Tilbrook, J.; Tyerman, S.