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2016OsPAP10c, a novel secreted acid phosphatase in rice, plays an important role in the utilization of external organic phosphorusLu, L.; Qiu, W.; Gao, W.; Tyerman, S.; Shou, H.; Wang, C.
2018Effect of water stress and elevated temperature on hypoxia and cell death in the mesocarp of Shiraz berriesXiao, Z.; Liao, S.; Rogiers, S.; Sadras, V.; Tyerman, S.
2014Constitutive overexpression of soybean plasma membrane intrinsic protein GmPIP1;6 confers salt toleranceZhou, L.; Wang, C.; Liu, R.; Han, Q.; Vandeleur, R.; Du, J.; Tyerman, S.; Shou, H.
2004Direct measurement of hydraulic properties in developing berries of Vitis vinifera L. cv Shiraz and ChardonnayTyerman, S.; Tilbrook, J.; Pardo, C.; Kotula, L.; Sullivan, W.; Steudle, E.
2007Comparison between gradient-dependent hydraulic conductivities of roots using the root pressure probe: the role of pressure propagations and implications for the relative roles of parallel radial pathwaysBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2014Automated estimation of leaf area index from grapevine canopies using cover photography, video and computational analysis methodsFuentes, S.; Poblete-Echeverría, C.; Ortega-Farias, S.; Tyerman, S.; de Bei, R.
2014Ethylene negatively regulates aluminium-induced malate efflux from wheat roots and tobacco cells transformed with TaALMT1Tian, Q.; Zhang, X.; Ramesh, S.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.; Zhang, W.
2014Rapid shoot-to-root signalling regulates root hydraulic conductance via aquaporinsVandeleur, R.; Sullivan, W.; Athman, A.; Jordans, C.; Gilliham, M.; Kaiser, B.; Tyerman, S.
2009Roles of Morphology, Anatomy, and Aquaporins in Determining Contrasting Hydraulic Behavior of RootsBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2002Plant aquaporins: multifunctional water and solute channels with expanding rolesTyerman, S.; Niemietz, C.; Bramley, H.