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1998Lysogenic bacteriophage M1 from Selenomonas ruminantium: isolation, characterization and DNA sequence analysis of the integration siteCheong, Judy Poh Eng; Brooker, John Douglas
1998A potential association between the BM 1500 microsatellite and fat deposition in beef cattleFitzsimmons, Carolyn Jean; Schmutz, Sheila M.; Bergen, Reynold D.; McKinnon, John J.
1998Effect of high temperature during grain filling on the structure of developing and malted barley grainsBlesing, Meredith; Jenner, Colin F.; Logue, Susan J.; Sedgley, Margaret
1998Effects of a period of high temperature during grain filling on the grain growth characteristics and malting quality of three Australian malting barleysBlesing, Meredith; Logue, Susan J.; MacLeod, L. C.; Jenner, Colin F.
1998Zinc-boron interaction effects in oilseed rapeGrewal, Harsharn Singh; Graham, Robin David; Stangoulis, J.
1998Research addresses the long term improvement of BanksiaReiger, M. A.; Sedgley, Margaret
1998A proposed scheme for viroid classification and nomenclatureFlores, Ricardo; Randles, John Wesley; Bar-Joseph, M.; Diener, T. O.
1998Sensitive detection of pea seed-borne mosaic potyvirus by dot blot and tissue print hybridisation assaysAli, Akhtar; Randles, John Wesley; Hodgson, R. A. J.
1998A protein with protective properties against the cellular defense reactions insectsAsgari, Sassan; Theopold, Ulrich; Wellby, C.; Schmidt, Otto
1998Taxonomy and genotypes of the Rubus fruticosus L. aggregate in AustraliaEvans, Katherine Jeanne; Symon, David E.; Roush, Richard Tyrone