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1999Assignment of the Uroplakin 1b (Upk1b) gene to mouse Chromosome 16 bands B5-C2 by in situ hybridzationWebb, G.; Finch, J.; Cowled, P.
1999Three-dimensional structure of a barley β-D-glucan exohydrolase, a family 3 glycosyl hydrolaseVarghese, J.; Hrmova, M.; Fincher, G.
1999Identification and mapping of a gene conferring resistance to the spot form of net blotch (Pyrenophora teres f maculata) in barleyWilliams, K.; Lichon, A.; Gianquitto, P.; Kretschmer, J.; Karakousis, A.; Manning, S.; Langridge, P.; Wallwork, H.
1999Mapping of chromosome regions conferring boron toxicity tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Jeffries, S.; Barr, A.; Karakousis, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Chalmers, K.; Nelson, J.; Islam, A.; Langridge, P.
1999Mapping loci associated with milling yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Parker, G.; Chalmers, K.; Rathjen, A.; Langridge, P.
1999Reduced Susceptibility of Brassica napus to Pratylenchus neglectus in Plants with Elevated Root Levels of 2-Phenylethyl GlucosinolatePotter, M.; Vanstone, V.; Davies, K.; Kirkegaard, J.; Rathjen, A.
1999Pilot scale investigation of the importance of the barley husk for mash filtrationEvans, D.; Vilpola, A.; Stewart, D.; Stenholm, K.; Poyri, S.; Washington, J.; Barr, A.; Home, S.
1999Activation of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue with expression of interleukin-2 receptors that peaks during weaning in the ratMasjedi, M.; Tivey, D.; Thompson, F.; Cummins, A.
1999Dynamic Expression of Ornithine Decarboxylane in Hair GrowthNancarrow, M.; Nesci, A.; Hynd, P.; Powell, B.
1999Construction and characterizaton of an ovine bacterial artificial chromosome libraryGill, C.; Davis, S.; Taylor, J.; Cockett, N.; Bottema, C.