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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Transient retardation in embryo growth in normal female mice made pregnant by males whose testes had been heatedSetchell, B.; Ekpe, G.; Zupp, J.; Surani, M.
1995Effect of temperature of the testis on vasomotion and blood flowSetchell, B.; Bergh, A.; Widmark, A.; Damber, J.
1995Effect of active immunization against testosterone on plasma gonadotrophin concentrations, spermatogenic function, testicular blood flow epididymis mass and mating behaviour in adult ramsSetchell, B.
1995Effect of active immunization against oestradiol in developing ram lambs on plasma gonadotrophin and testosterone concentrations, time of onset of puberty and testicular blood flowSetchell, B.
1996The penetration of chromium-EDTA from blood plasma into various compartments of rat testes as an indicator of function of the blood-testis barrier after exposure of the testes to heatSetchell, B.; Tao, L.; Zupp, J.
1995Investigating local regulation of the testis of ruminantsMaddocks, S.; Kern, S.; Setchell, B.
1998Reduction in fluid secretion by rat testis by drugs that block potassium channelsSetchell, B.; Ploen, L.; Ritzen, E.
1998The Parkes Lecture: Heat and the TestisSetchell, B.
1997Microvascular permeability to the F(ab2) fragment of IgG in the male rat reproductive tract at pubertyPollanen, P.; Cooper, T.; Kokk, K.; Saari, T.; Setchell, B.
1995Failure of thyroid allografts to survive in the testes of cynomolgous monkeysSetchell, B.; Granholm, T.; Ritzen, E.