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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20022001 Australian CensusHugo, Graeme John
20122012 Migration update reportHugo, G.; Migration Update Conference (2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2001A critical review of rural medical workforce retention in AustraliaHumphreys, J.; Jones, J.; Jones, M.; Hugo, G.; Bamford, E.; Taylor, D.
2005A demographic view of changing youth in AsiaHugo, G.; Gale, F.; Fahey, S.
2007A global labor market: Factors motivating the sponsorship and temporary migration of skilled workers to AustraliaKhoo, S.; McDonald, P.; Voigt-Graf, C.; Hugo, G.
2012A greater Australia: population, policies and governancePincus, J.; Hugo, G.
2015A Metropolitan Accessibility Index for Australian Capital Cities - Metro ARIALange, J.; Taylor, D.; 8th International Conference on Population Geographies: The Spatial Dimensions of Population (ICPG2015) (30 Jun 2015 - 3 Jul 2015 : The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
2012A multi sited approach to analysis of destination immigration data: An Asia-Pacific exampleHugo, G.
2014A multi sited approach to analysis of destination immigration data: an asian exampleHugo, G.
2004A new global migration regimeHugo, G.
1999A new paradigm of international migration in AustraliaHugo, G.
2003A non-geographical application of spatial information systems in pupillometryBryan, B.; Stone, B.
2002A population policy for South Australia?Hugo, G.
2006A spatially sensitive approach to understanding the impact of public expenditure on social exclusionWilson, L.; Spoehr, J.; Martin, S.; Hopkinson, C.; Hall, C.; Social Change in the 21st Century (2006 : Brisbane)
2005Academia's own demographic time-bombHugo, G.
1999Accessibility to general practitioners in rural South Australia. A case study using geographic information system technologyBamford, E.; Dunne, L.; Taylor, D.; Symon, B.; Hugo, G.; Wilkinson, D.
2001Addressing social and community planning issues with spatial informationHugo, G.
1998Adelaide turns back in on itselfBadcock, Blair A.
2006Ageing owners and the significance of family business closures - towards a better understanding of the likely impact of family business closures in AustraliaSpoehr, J.
1998All toba tephra occurrences across peninsular India belong to the 75,000 yr B.P. eruptionWestgate, John A.; Shane, Philip A. R.; Pearce, Nicholas J. G.; Perkins, William T.; Korisettar, Ravi; Chesner, Craig A.; Williams, Martin Anthony J.; Acharyya, Subhrangsu K.