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2019‘The wrong sex’? Understanding men’s representation in the Australian aged care sectorMoskos, M.; Isherwood, L.
2019Why is the gender revolution uneven and stalled? Gender essentialism and men's movement into 'women's work'Moskos, M.
2019Incentives for research agents and performance-vested equity-based compensationShan, Y.
2018Quantifying the societal cost of methamphetamine use to AustraliaTait, R.; Whetton, S.; Shanahan, M.; Cartwright, K.; Ferrante, A.; Gray, D.; Kaye, S.; McKetin, R.; Pidd, K.; Ritter, A.; Roche, A.; Allsop, S.
2018What factors affect physicians' labour supply: comparing structural discrete choice and reduced-form approachesKalb, G.; Kuehnle, D.; Scott, A.; Cheng, T.; Jeon, S.-.H.
2018Data envelopment analysis, truncated regression and double-bootstrap for panel data with application to Chinese bankingDu, K.; Worthington, A.; Zelenyuk, V.
2018General Equilibrium Effects of Green Technological ProgressVan Long, N.; Stähler, F.
2018Who sits in Australia's grandstands?Wilson, J.; Siegfried, J.
2018Mitigating rice production risks from drought through improving irrigation infrastructure and management in ChinaWang, Y.; Huang, J.; Wang, J.; Findlay, C.
2018Grandchildren and their grandparents' labor supplyRupert, P.; Zanella, G.
2018Linkages between oil price shocks and stock returns revisitedMasson, V.; Doko Tchatoka, F.; Parry, S.
2018Fossil fuels, alternative energy and economic growthBarreto, R.
2018Foreign direct investment as a signalKoska, O.; Ngo, V.; Staehler, F.
2018Low paid employment in Britain: estimating state-dependence and stepping stone effectsCai, L.; Mavromaras, K.; Sloane, P.
2018All roads leading to Rome? The medium term outcomes of Australian youth’s transition pathways from educationCebulla, A.; Whetton, S.
2018Endogeneity in household mortgage choiceDungey, M.; Doko Tchatoka, F.; Yanotti, M.
2018A model of informal favor exchange on networksMasson, V.; Choi, S.; Moore, A.; Oak, M.
2018How much government assistance do European wine producers receive?Anderson, K.; Jensen, H.
2018Do you have to win it to fix it? A longitudinal study of lottery winners and their health-care demandCheng, T.; Costa-Font, J.; Powdthavee, N.
2017Bilateral trading in networksCondorelli, D.; Galeotti, A.; Renou, L.