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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999The 1998 Australian Waterfront Dispute in its Historical ContextSheridan, T.
2005Academic migration: the case of new australian universitiesPotts, A.
2005Accession of Turkey to the European Union: Market Access and Regulatory IssuesFrancois, J.
2014The Accord, the labour market and the economyHancock, K.
2001Accounting for growth in the Australian wine industry, 1987-2003Wittwer, G.; Anderson, K.
2000Achieving better regulation of servicesAnderson, K.
2007An adaptive empirical likelihood test for parametric time series regression modelsChen, S.; Gao, J.
2002Adaptive orthogonal series estimation in additive stochastic regression modelsGao, Jiti; Tong, Howell; Wolff, Rodney
2004Adaptive testing in continuous–time diffusion modelsGao, J.; King, M.
2017Adding conditional superannuation to the antidoping policy mixLenten, L.; Smith, A.; Bayer, R.
2010Addressing internal market barriers and integration: the Australian experienceWalsh, C.; Addressing Internal Market Barriers and Integration Within Federations and the European Union (2010 : Toronto, Canada)
2007Adjustment to change amongst Australia's regional citiesBeer, A.; The Growing Regions Conference (2006 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2016Afriat’s Theorem and Samuelson’s ‘eternal darkness’Polisson, M.; Renou, L.
1996After Samuelson?Stretton, H.
2003After-Dinner DrinksJefford, Andrew
2011The age of equality: the twentieth century in economic perspectivePomfret, R.
2000Agrarian reform in Uzbekistan: Why has the Chinese model failed to deliver?Pomfret, R.
2007Agricultural and Nama reform under Doha: Implications for Asia-Pacific economiesAnderson, K.; Martin, W.
2010Agricultural and trade policy reforms in Latin America: impacts on markets and welfareAnderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.
1995Agricultural competitiveness after the Uruguay RoundAnderson, K.