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2016Aerodynamic sound from a square cylinder with a downstream wedgeSamion, S.; Ali, M.; Abu, A.; Doolan, C.; Porteous, R.
2015Semi-empirical modelling of rotor aerodynamic noiseCoombs, J.; Zajamsek, B.; Doolan, C.; Prime, Z.; Brooks, L.; Moreau, D.; Zander, A.; 3rd Symposium on Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control (FSSIC2015) (5 Jul 2015 - 9 Jul 2015 : Perth, WA)
2013Tonal noise from trailing edge serrations at low Reynolds numbersMoreau, D.; Doolan, C.; AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (19th : 2013 : Berlin, Germany)
2011Empirical study of the tonal noise radiated by a sharp-edged flat plate at low-to-moderate Reynolds numberMoreau, D.; Brooks, L.; Doolan, C.; Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society (2011 : Gold Coast, Australia)
2011A Modification to Logarithmic Spiral Beamforming Arrays for Aeroacoustic ApplicationsArcondoulis, E.; Doolan, C.; Brooks, L.; Zander, A.; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Conference (32nd : 2011 : Portland, Oregon)
2011Empirical study of flat plate trailing edge flow and noiseMoreau, D.; Brooks, L.; Doolan, C.; Australian International Aerospace Congress (14th : 2011 : Melbourne, Australia)
2009Grid convergence study for a two-dimensional simulation of flow around a square cylinder at a low reynolds numberMat Ali, M.; Doolan, C.; Wheatley, V.; International Conference on CFD in the Minerals & Process Industries (7th : 2009 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2009The interaction of a bluff body with a vortex wakeLeclercq, D.; Doolan, C.
2009Hypersonic vehicle control using external burningDoolan, C.; Wheatley, V.; Australian Combustion Symposium (2009 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2005Launch vehicle mass reduction using a scramjet powered flight segmentTetlow, M.; Doolan, C.; Thompson, L.; NSSA Australian space science conference (5th : 14 September 2005 : RMIT Storey Hall, Melbourne, Australia)