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2015Annual performance of a solar aided coal-fired power generation system (SACPG) with various solar field areas and thermal energy storage capacityWu, J.; Hou, H.; Yang, Y.; Hu, E.
2010Life cycle assessment and evaluation of energy payback time on high-concentration photovoltaic power generation systemNishimura, A.; Hayashi, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Hirota, M.; Kato, S.; Ito, M.; Araki, K.; Hu, E.
2018Solar thermal hybrids for combustion power plant: A growing opportunityNathan, G.; Jafarian, M.; Dally, B.; Saw, W.; Ashman, P.; Hu, E.; Steinfeld, A.
2019Energy efficiency analysis of marine high-powered medium-speed diesel engine base on energy balance and exergyYao, Z.M.; Qian, Z.Q.; Li, R.; Hu, E.
2012Dynamic modelling of an activated carbon-methanol adsorption refrigeration tube with considerations of interfacial convection and transient pressure processZhao, Y.; Hu, E.; Blazewicz, A.
2012Experimental implementation and validation of thermodynamic cycles of adsorption-based desalinationWu, J.; Biggs, M.; Pendleton, P.; Badalyan, A.; Hu, E.
2012A modified thermodynamic model to estimate the performance of geothermal aided power generation plantQin, J.; Hu, E.; Nathan, G.; Pan, W.; Ren, J.X.; Li, Y.G.; International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (1st : 2011 : Shanghai, China)
2017Concentrating or non-concentrating solar collectors for solar Aided Power Generation?Qin, J.; Hu, E.; Nathan, G.; Chen, L.
2017Impact of power station capacities and sizes of solar field on the performance of solar aided power generationHuang, C.; Hou, H.; Hu, E.; Liang, M.; Yang, Y.
2018Performance improvement of coal-fired power generation system integrating solar to preheat feedwater and reheated steamWu, J.; Hou, H.; Hu, E.; Yang, Y.