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2016Impact of start-up and shut-down losses on the economic benefit of an integrated hybrid solar cavity receiver and combustorLim, J.; Hu, E.; Nathan, G.
2016Impact of overlapping Fe/TiO₂ prepared by sol-gel and dip-coating process on CO₂ reductionNishimura, A.; Zhao, X.; Hayakawa, T.; Ishida, N.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2018A comprehensive review of the Maisotsenko-cycle based air conditioning systemsSadighi Dizaji, H.; Hu, E.; Chen, L.
2017Impact of power station capacities and sizes of solar field on the performance of solar aided power generationHuang, C.; Hou, H.; Hu, E.; Liang, M.; Yang, Y.
2011Reforming CO2 into Fuel Using a TiO2 Photocatalyst Membrane ReactorNishimura, A.; Hu, E.; Carayannis, E.
2013Multi-zone temperature prediction in a commercial building using artificial neural network modelHuang, H.; Chen, L.; Mohammadzaheri, M.; Hu, E.; Chen, M.; IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation (10th : 2013 : Hangzhou, China)
2012Solar aided power generation: generating "green" power from conventional fossil fuelled power stationsHu, E.; Yang, Y.; Nishimura, A.; Rasul, M.
2010Design and construction of a micropump for drug delivery applicationsKouzani, A.; Ivankovic, M.; Fielding, M.; Kaynak, A.; Yang, C.; Duan, W.; Hu, E.; IEEE/ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (2010 : Gold Coast, Australia)
2018Improving acoustic agglomeration efficiency of coal-fired fly-ash particles by addition of liquid bindersZhang, G.; Zhou, T.; Zhang, L.; Wang, J.; Chi, Z.; Hu, E.
2018Acoustic agglomeration with addition of sprayed liquid droplets: three-dimensional discrete element modeling and experimental verificationZhang, G.; Wang, J.; Chi, Z.; Hu, E.