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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A neural network-based multi-zone modelling approach for predictive control system design in commercial buildingsHuang, H.; Chen, L.; Hu, E.
2015Comparison in net solar efficiency between the use of concentrating and non-concentrating solar collectors in solar aided power generation systemsZhou, L.; Li, Y.; Hu, E.; Qin, J.; Yang, Y.
2012Dominant factor and mechanism of coupling phenomena in single cell of polymer electrolyte fuel cellNishimura, A.; Shibuya, K.; Morimoto, A.; Tanaka, S.; Hirota, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Kojima, M.; Narita, M.; Hu, E.
2019Simulated performance analysis of a solar aided power generation plant in fuel saving operation modeZhang, N.; Hou, H.; Yu, G.; Hu, E.; Duan, L.; Zhao, J.
2014A novel unknown-input estimator for disturbance estimation and compensationTang, D.; Chen, L.; Hu, E.; Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA) (2 Dec 2014 - 4 Dec 2014 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2006Reverse osmosis membrane fouling and its controlQi, D.; Hu, E.; Zou, L.
2006Removal of VOCs by photocatalysis process using adsorption enhanced TiO2-SiO2 catalystZou, L.; Luo, Y.; Hooper, M.; Hu, E.
2003Photocatalytic degradation of dyes in wastewater using TiO2/UV in a flat-plate reactorLi, Y.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (2003 : Perth, W.A.)
2006Photocatalytic production of methane and Hydrogen through reduction of carbon Dioxide with water using titania pelletsTan, S.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.
2013Note: An object detection method for active cameraChen, Y.; Zhang, R.; Shang, L.; Hu, E.