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2019Optimum molar ratio of H₂ and H₂O to reduce CO₂ using Pd/TiO₂Nishimura, A.; Inoue, T.; Sakakibara, Y.; Hirota, M.; Koshio, A.; Kokai, F.; Hu, E.
2019Optimum reductants ratio for CO₂ reduction by overlapped Cu/TiO₂Nishimura, A.; Toyoda, R.; Tatematsu, D.; Hirota, M.; Koshio, A.; Kokai, F.; Hu, E.
2015Clarification on temperature distribution in single cell of polymer electrolyte fuel cell under different operation conditions by means of 1D multi-plate heat-transfer modelNishimura, A.; Fukuoka, T.; Baba, M.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2012Dominant factor and mechanism of coupling phenomena in single cell of polymer electrolyte fuel cellNishimura, A.; Shibuya, K.; Morimoto, A.; Tanaka, S.; Hirota, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Kojima, M.; Narita, M.; Hu, E.
2010Life cycle assessment and evaluation of energy payback time on high-concentration photovoltaic power generation systemNishimura, A.; Hayashi, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Hirota, M.; Kato, S.; Ito, M.; Araki, K.; Hu, E.
2010Solar thermal aided power generationHu, E.; Yang, Y.; Nishimura, A.; Yilmaz, F.; Kouzani, A.
2009CO₂ reforming into fuel using TiO₂ photocatalyst and gas separation membraneNishimura, A.; Komatsu, N.; Mitsui, G.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2010Multi-point and multi-level solar integration into a conventional coal-fired power plantYan, Q.; Yang, Y.; Nishimura, A.; Kouzani, A.; Hu, E.
2010Using TiO₂ photocatalyst with adsorbent to oxidize carbon monoxide in rich hydrogenNishimura, A.; Hisada, T.; Hirota, M.; Kubota, M.; Hu, E.
2010CO₂ reforming performance and visible light responsibility of Cr-doped TiO₂ prepared by sol-gel and dip-coating methodNishimura, A.; Mitsui, G.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.