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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Using immune genetic algorithm to optimize the reactive powerHuang, W.; Hu, E.; Ghamami, K.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2014Study and design of a novel three-phase bridgeless boost power factor correctionChen, Y.; Dai, W.; Zhou, J.; Hu, E.
2016Impact of start-up and shut-down losses on the economic benefit of an integrated hybrid solar cavity receiver and combustorLim, J.; Hu, E.; Nathan, G.
2016Reducing energy consumption for buildings under system uncertainty through robust MPC with adaptive bound estimatorHuang, H.; Chen, L.; Hu, E.; 4th International High Performance Buildings Conference at Purdue (11 Jul 2016 - 14 Jul 2016 : West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
2016Impact of overlapping Fe/TiO₂ prepared by sol-gel and dip-coating process on CO₂ reductionNishimura, A.; Zhao, X.; Hayakawa, T.; Ishida, N.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2004Experimental study of the degradation of volatile organic compounds by photocatalytic oxidation using TiO2 pelletsZou, L.; Hu, E.; Luo, Y.; Atkinson, S.; International Conference on the Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution (12th : 2004 : Rhodes, Greece)
2006Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide into gaseous hydrocarbon using TiO₂ pelletsTan, S.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.
2008An intelligent energy management model for a parallel hybrid vehicle under combined loadsKhayyan, H.; Kouzani, A.; Hu, E.; IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (2008 : Columbus, OH, USA)
2006Photosynthesis of methane and hydrogen through photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide with waterTan, S.; Hu, E.; Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society. Conference (44th : 2006 : Canberra, A.C.T.)
2012A non-uniform pressure and transient boundary condition based dynamic modeling of the adsorption process of an adsorption refrigeration tubeZhao, Y.; Hu, E.; Blazewicz, A.