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2023Evaluation of Uptake of COVID-19 Temporary Allied Health Services for Residential Aged Care in AustraliaCaughey, G.E.; Collier, L.; Cations, M.; Wesselingh, S.; Inacio, M.C.
2023A first-in-class pan-lysyl oxidase inhibitor impairs stromal remodeling and enhances gemcitabine response and survival in pancreatic cancerChitty, J.L.; Yam, M.; Perryman, L.; Parker, A.L.; Skhinas, J.N.; Setargew, Y.F.I.; Mok, E.T.Y.; Tran, E.; Grant, R.D.; Latham, S.L.; Pereira, B.A.; Ritchie, S.C.; Murphy, K.J.; Trpceski, M.; Findlay, A.D.; Melenec, P.; Filipe, E.C.; Nadalini, A.; Velayuthar, S.; Major, G.; et al.
2023Radiotherapy exposure directly damages the uterus and causes pregnancy lossGriffiths, M.J.; Marshall, S.A.; Cousins, F.L.; Alesi, L.R.; Higgins, J.; Giridharan, S.; Sarma, U.C.; Menkhorst, E.; Zhou, W.; Care, A.S.; Donoghue, J.F.; Holdsworth-Carson, S.J.; Rogers, P.A.W.; Dimitriadis, E.; Gargett, C.E.; Robertson, S.A.; Winship, A.L.; Hutt, K.J.
2023Modulation of I-Wave Generating Pathways With Repetitive Paired-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - Electroencephalography StudySasaki, R.; Hand, B.J.; Semmler, J.G.; Opie, G.M.
2023Associations Between Aldosterone-Renin-Ratio and Bone Parameters Derived from Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography and Impact Microindentation in MenHolloway-Kew, K.L.; Anderson, K.B.; Rufus-Membere, P.; Tembo, M.C.; Sui, S.X.; Hyde, N.K.; Kotowicz, M.A.; Gwini, S.M.; Yang, J.; Diez-Perez, A.; Henneberg, M.; Liao, W.-H.; Pasco, J.A.
2023GLA-modified RNA treatment lowers GB3 levels in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from Fabry-affected individualster Huurne, M.; Parker, B.L.; Liu, N.Q.; Qian, E.L.; Vivien, C.; Karavendzas, K.; Mills, R.J.; Saville, J.T.; Abu-Bonsrah, D.; Wise, A.F.; Hudson, J.E.; Talbot, A.S.; Finn, P.F.; Martini, P.G.V.; Fuller, M.; Ricardo, S.D.; Watt, K.I.; Nicholls, K.M.; Porrello, E.R.; Elliott, D.A.
2023On the rules of engagement for microRNAs targeting protein coding regionsSapkota, S.; Pillman, K.A.; Dredge, B.K.; Liu, D.; Bracken, J.M.; Kachooei, S.A.; Chereda, B.; Gregory, P.A.; Bracken, C.P.; Goodall, G.J.
2023Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Infection in Australia: A Case-control Study.Yanni, M.; Stark, M.; Francis, L.; Francis, J.R.; McMillan, M.; Baird, R.; Heath, P.T.; Gordon, A.; Riccardione, J.; Wilson, A.; Lee, R.; Chooi, K.; Quinn, O.-P.; Marshall, H.S.
2023Historic and contemporary biogeographic perspectives on range‐wide spatial genetic structure in a widespread seagrassSinclair, E.A.; Hovey, R.K.; Krauss, S.L.; Anthony, J.M.; Waycott, M.; Kendrick, G.A.
2023Regulatory T cells are paramount effectors in progesterone regulation of embryo implantation and fetal growthGreen, E.S.; Moldenhauer, L.M.; Groome, H.M.; Sharkey, D.J.; Chin, P.Y.; Care, A.S.; Robker, R.L.; McColl, S.R.; Robertson, S.A.
2023The effect of energy poverty on mental health, cardiovascular disease and respiratory health: a longitudinal analysisBentley, R.; Daniel, L.; Li, Y.; Baker, E.; Li, A.
2023Movement of cerebrospinal fluid tracer into brain parenchyma and outflow to nasal mucosa is reduced at 24 h but not 2 weeks post-stroke in miceWarren, K.E.; Coupland, K.G.; Hood, R.J.; Kang, L.; Walker, F.R.; Spratt, N.J.
2023Efficient non-viral CAR-T cell generation via silicon-nanotube-mediated transfectionChen, Y.; Mach, M.; Shokouhi, A.R.; Yoh, H.Z.; Bishop, D.C.; Murayama, T.; Suu, K.; Morikawa, Y.; Barry, S.C.; Micklethwaite, K.; Elnathan, R.; Voelcker, N.H.
2023Hypotension-Avoidance Versus Hypertension-Avoidance Strategies in Noncardiac Surgery : An International Randomized Controlled TrialMarcucci, M.; Painter, T.W.; Conen, D.; Lomivorotov, V.; Sessler, D.I.; Chan, M.T.V.; Borges, F.K.; Leslie, K.; Duceppe, E.; Martínez-Zapata, M.J.; Wang, C.Y.; Xavier, D.; Ofori, S.N.; Wang, M.K.; Efremov, S.; Landoni, G.; Kleinlugtenbelt, Y.V.; Szczeklik, W.; Schmartz, D.; Garg, A.X.; et al.
2023Sparse spike trains and the limitation of rate codes underlying rapid behaviours.Fabian, J.M.; O'Carrol, D.C.; Wiederman, S.D.
2023Progesterone receptor mediates ovulatory transcription through RUNX transcription factor interactions and chromatin remodelling.Dinh, D.T.; Breen, J.; Nicol, B.; Foot, N.J.; Bersten, D.C.; Emery, A.; Smith, K.M.; Wong, Y.Y.; Barry, S.C.; Yao, H.H.C.; Robker, R.L.; Russell, D.L.
2023Safety of BCG vaccination and revaccination in healthcare workers.Villanueva, P.; Crawford, N.W.; Garcia Croda, M.; Collopy, S.; Araújo Jardim, B.; de Almeida Pinto Jardim, T.; Marshall, H.; Prat-Aymerich, C.; Sawka, A.; Sharma, K.; Troeman, D.; Wadia, U.; Warris, A.; Wood, N.; Messina, N.L.; Curtis, N.; Pittet, L.F.
2023One immune system plays many parts: The dynamic role of the immune system in chronic pain and opioid pharmacology.Mustafa, S.; Bajic, J.E.; Barry, B.; Evans, S.; Siemens, K.R.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Grace, P.M.
2023INTEGRATE II: randomised phase III controlled trials of regorafenib containing regimens versus standard of care in refractory Advanced Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer (AGOC): a study by the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG)Lam, L.L.; Pavlakis, N.; Shitara, K.; Sjoquist, K.M.; Martin, A.J.; Yip, S.; Kang, Y.K.; Bang, Y.J.; Chen, L.T.; Moehler, M.; Bekaii-Saab, T.; Alcindor, T.; O’Callaghan, C.J.; Tebbutt, N.C.; Hague, W.; Chan, H.; Rha, S.Y.; Lee, K.W.; Gebski, V.; Jaworski, A.; et al.
2023A novel transcriptional signature identifies T-cell infiltration in high-risk paediatric cancer.Mayoh, C.; Gifford, A.J.; Terry, R.; Lau, L.M.S.; Wong, M.; Rao, P.; Shai-Hee, T.; Saletta, F.; Khuong-Quang, D.-A.; Qin, V.; Mateos, M.K.; Meyran, D.; Miller, K.E.; Yuksel, A.; Mould, E.V.A.; Bowen-James, R.; Govender, D.; Senapati, A.; Zhukova, N.; Omer, N.; et al.