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2007Fatal asphyxial episodes in the very young: Classification and diagnostic issuesByard, R.; Jensen, L.
2009Fatal cerebral arterial gas embolism after endoscopic retrogade cholangiopancreatographyRangappa, P.; Uhde, B.; Byard, R.; Wurm, A.; Thomas, P.
2010Fatal dog bite in the absence of significant trauma: Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection and unexpected deathStiegler, D.; Gilbert, J.; Warner, M.; Byard, R.
2006Fatal electrocution in adults - A 30-year studyWick, R.; Gilbert, J.; Simpson, E.; Byard, R.
2013Fatal embolic events in childhoodByard, R.
2014Fatal hemorrhage from an undiagnosed rectal carcinoma in a case of Diogenes syndromeFreeman, A.; Byard, R.
2013Fatal ischemic enteritis with hemorrhage - A late complication of treated Wilms tumorGilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2012Fatal penetrating and perforating peptic ulceration: Unusual fatal synergyByard, R.
2009Fatal retropharyngeal abscess: a possible marker of inflicted injury in infancy and early childhoodMolga, A.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2008Fatal sexual abuse in childhoodByard, R.; Donald, T.
2003Fatal unintentional traumatic asphyxia in childhoodByard, R.; Hanson, K.; James, R.
2011Feasibility and timeliness of alternatives to post-discharge home medicines reviews for high-risk patientsAngley, M.; Ponniah, A.; Spurling, L.; Sheridan, L.; Colley, D.; Nooney, V.; Bong, X.; Padhye, V.; Shakib, S.
2007Feasibility study on the MammoSite in early-stage breast cancer: initial experienceBorgas, M.; Yeoh, E.; Bochner, M.; Butters, J.; Van Doorn, T.; Farshid, G.; Kollias, J.; Kotasek, D.; Gill, P.; Lim, A.; Olver, I.; Parnis, F.; Rush, G.
2008Feeding conditions differentially affect the neurochemical and behavioral effects of dopamingergic drugs in male ratsSevak, R.; Koek, W.; Owens, W.; Galli, A.; Daws, L.; France, C.
2002Female masturbation masquerading as abdominal painCouper, R.; Huynh, H.
2012Femoral artery pseudoaneurysm and sudden deathZhou, C.; Langlois, N.; Byard, R.
1998Femoral Trabecular Bone of Osteoarthritic and Normal Subjects in an Age and Sex Matched GroupFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
2000Fetal organ growth in response to oesophageal infusion of amniotic fluid, colostrum, milk or gastrin-releasing peptide: a study in fetal sheepTrahair, J.; Sangild, P.
2000Fetal programming of small intestinal (si) growth by luminal (swallowed) factors: The effects of fetal intestinal resectionTrahair, J.; Wing, S.; Henderson, M.; World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (05 Aug 2000 : Boston, Massechusetts)
2017Filterability of human serum albumin in parenteral nutrition administered to neonates through an in-line 0.2 micron filterProsser, A.; Wynne, S.; Morris, S.; Grzeskowiak, L.